Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Shakira: "Gerard and I did not stop touching"

Shakira: "Gerard and I do not stop to touch us." Source:
Undoubtedly, Shakira surprised a few weeks ago with a most unexpected statements about Gerard Pique. The singer then said Barca defender was a person "jealous and territorial" and subsequently also noted between jokes that lets you record videos with no other men. Perhaps this is why the Colombian wanted wash a little image of football player on his last interview with U.S. Weekly.
First, sensual Shakira has revealed that her man does not feel submissive, but grateful that Piqué be angry if you record clips with men because they feel "valued and appreciated" by the man who wants to look after her. "Not that I have literally not record certain types of scenes with other men, is that from the beginning the idea was out of my mind," said the artist, who has also revealed some secrets of couples. And the truth is that Colombia has highlighted that there is a great complicity between them to the point of having a constant physical contact.
"We are completely honest and transparent with each other, otherwise it would not work coexistence. But above all, we can not stop to touch, to show our love through physical contact, "remarked Shakira. In turn, he added that the flame of passion between the two is very much alive: "We are a very passionate couple and the truth is that everything works so much better for us," he said. Hot statements, the tremendous artist ...

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