Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Roser, the goddess who sang the hymn of Barça

Forcefully broke 12 years ago as one of the most personal voices of Popstars and there is, as the artist's consolidated longest race of the competition that arose singing-reality of Telecinco.
So have our front line colleagues Roser Murillo (35), to which they have devoted a story 'in bed Torito', which has many intimacies in an interview that we recommend.
For Barca, the goddess of Canet is also a benchmark. Not surprisingly a few years ago recorded a memorable version of Barça anthem to rave parish, came to play in the very Camp Nou.
No better day to remember that on this day the city derby and seeing the photos pay homage to front line, some of the sexiest others have been made and, of course, the video version of Barça anthem.

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