Friday, 25 April 2014

Rocío Oliva: "Maradona and I are separated"

"We're separated. The relationship goes through an impasse. " With these words Rocío Oliva acknowledged what was an open secret: his break with Diego Armando Maradona, who recently denounced robbery at his home in Dubai.
The Argentina footballer, thirty years younger than the considered one of the best soccer players in history, complained bitterly Diego companies, which accused if any so distanced almost seems final.
"By Diego put my hands in the fire, but it's in bad company. They came to accuse my mom thief. I did not like. I was advising from the first day they accused of thief. I returned the gifts they asked me: a pair of earings, a chain and my movl. I have evidence of the people of Diego telling me that they know I did not steal anything, "he said.
As for Maradona's relationship with his other ex, Veronica Ojeda, who recently lost a son of the star as she expected, Dew took the opportunity to go on the attack. "I do not think I've lost a son Diego. I talked to him and he said that did not happen. I told me and his children. "
Finally, asked about an alleged reconociliación and said "not yet. From 1 to 10 my desire to return today would be a three. I'm sad with the situation, "he said.

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