Monday, 28 April 2014

Ransack the house Zaira Nara

"I'm fine, but I stole it all." With these words Zaira Nara cofirmó girlfriend, tennis player Juan Monaco, a group of thieves robbed his home in Buenos Aires.
The model was a shock, but not at home when the thieves stole his apartment and two others of his building, one of them her mother.
His sister Wanda girlfriend Mauro Icardi not remained silent at the news and tweeted an explicit: "Argentina, how sad. What are we waiting to do something for the safety of all? Is there to be thankful to be alive? "
Visibly hurt, he added that the model was not satisfied with his sister and mother were well. "It is tremendous to settle for that, but is because top kill you if you resist. It is sad that those who are lucky to have a job in Argentina unfairly rob you everything and sometimes even their lives, "he said.

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