Friday, 11 April 2014

Maxi Lopez, grueling: "I'm disappointed because Wanda did not expect anything different"

Maxi López
Inter footballer had an interview in which he referred to the strained relationship with his ex-wife and her current partner, Mauro Icardi. "I understand that as a public figure, set photos, but I am not comfortable with my children to appear in it."
Days before the meeting Lopez - Icardi on the court, Maxi said of his relationship with his three children Icardi. "I'm not comfortable with exposing kids. They are my strength and know they'll do anything to protect them," he said.
Over the next game, which will face the team of his former friend: "There are several reasons why this game will be particular with many emotions from the point of view, but in the end everything will be nothing more than a football game. "

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