Friday, 4 April 2014

Mauro Icardi "If Wanda Nara does not work is because I do not want"

Mauro Icardi "If Wanda Nara is not working because I did not want." Source: twitter
So far, Mauro Icardi had remained largely outside the public exhibition be released after it had begun an affair with the tremendous Wanda Nara, the former wife of his former friend Maxi Lopez. However, it appears that the Inter Milan player has released the beast within him in his last push.
Let us place ourselves. The story begins with the sending of the invitation to your wedding that made the blonde and Mauro Icardi own a couple who has a good relationship with Maxi López (which decided to stop seeing Wanda Nara for a better friendship with the footballer Sampdoria). In this wedding card, the Argentine striker would still scrubbing them with lush Wanda Nara though no one would give a penny for them.
"He sent an email to family and friends Maxi. It is misplaced. She should bother the father of her children now have free rein party, and well. Is 29 and enjoys being single to full, "said the couple, who in turn referred to the economic situation of the blonde.
"If she complains that he misses the money should be used to stop and look for a job. She lives well, but I resent having to pay the fee of the guys in the middle of the month when used to pay all year along. Just think of the money, but hopefully this guy that wants to get married and realize the same thing does not happen. Despite this, Maxi speaks well of her mother to her children. She has threatened him that if he does not pay, does not see the kids, "noted Maxi Lopez's friends.
And to counter, Mauro Icardi broke "? Misplaced (Wanda) by sending you the invitation," wrote mentioning a certain Hernandez. "Do not worry I did it for boludearlos, do you envious that your cheating boyfriend will not marry?. I remind you that as we parted in March, it was just a garch ... that's why I sent the invitation to my wedding, "wrote the footballer, to which he added:" If my wife is not working because I DO NOT WANT. Vos where you work? Or you got fired for chorra @ AnitaNapo? ". Undoubtedly, Icardi has stopped being the good boy that seemed to hurt a fly in his life ...

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