Monday, 28 April 2014

Imogen, the real bane of Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs made his debut this past Saturday as coach of Manchester United and some British media were wondering how did we come to this distinction a person with full of womanizing, some really rough past.
Specifically, the 'Daily Mail' recalled that three years ago lost a court battle to keep anonymous the name of her lover and found that for eight years he was involved with her sister and it came even to abort two weeks before the wedding with his brother Rhodri.
Scandal that occurred three years ago on the eve of the final of the Champions Barça de Guardiola beat United at Wembley and just when the BBC had chosen as the sports personality of the year.
It was a blow to his reputation, but nevertheless was able to save his marriage to Stacey, with whom he has been married for seven years and has two children. From what I could not do anything these days is saved from the cruel taunts of Twitter ...
"Giggs has refused to replace Moyes to spend more time with the family of his brother," said one. "Giggs is just worried about house parties ... to play out is an expert," noted another. And apuntillar, he urged the United create day "bring your wife to work."
I finally left with a fotogáfica gallery glamor model and former Big Brother Imogen Thomas, Giggs the true bane of explaining his adventure to a British tabloid.

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