Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gerard Piqué finishes with a split lip after a fight

Gerard Piqué finishes with a split lip after a fight. Source:
After breaking in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League in the match against Atletico Madrid, Gerard Piqué had to stay for a month for the injury that occurred in the hip. Precisely, it was obvious that was not going to be present on the field in the final of the Copa del Rey, so decided to spend a day before a family journey that would end badly for their interests.
And, as announced some media, the player had a mishap with paparazzi. In fact, there are sites that say Gerard Pique quarreled with a photographer who apparently broke his lip. The reason for the dispute was the persecution of the paparazzi, who chased the Barca defender and his family (Shakira and Milan) while they spent big in a water park in Barcelona.
Gerard Pique himself, aware of the presence of the photographer decided to remonstrate left alone but a few minutes later got into a fight in which both had received bruises. It is even said that a tourist recorded the contest, but so far have not been filtered images. However, it seems that none of the complaints involved has decided to not to mediate the controversial clash ...

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