Sunday, 2 March 2014

The blonde said that Ronaldo is not back ...

Rhian Sudgen (foto D.R.)
Rhian Sudgen is a genuine English style. Why? It is a stunning blonde who had the courage to say no to Cristiano Ronaldo last year, according to The Sun revealed itself. 
The news is no longer new - the star of Real Madrid, a trip to his former home of Manchester Rhian crossed with a local restaurant will be up and have exchanged phone numbers, so will Ronaldo wooed through this pathway - but now the same can not be said of the new photographic production of British 27 year old who has habitual presence in various men's magazines. 
The Portuguese striker will, according to the same jonal, explained to his companion now, Irina Shayk, that it was all a figment of Rhian Sudgen. But there may still be, after all this time, a soft spot in the heart of the world's best player? 

00:10 - 03/02/2014

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