Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wanda Nara reveals salary Maxi Lopez

Wanda Nara reveals salary Maxi Lopez. Source:
Just a couple of weeks ago, the tremendous Wanda Nara yes demonstrated a grudge against Maxi Lopez to write a letter in which he recognized every one of the infidelities committed by the player Sampdoria. But it seems that there has not finished the thing, as though it is really extremely happy Icardi Mauro, wanted to leave again in evidence to admit the little money he gives to care for their three children.
"Want to go to trial? Or do you want the player to be less silver happens to their children? That arrangement makes you think you have a good lawyer? Feel like 80 thousand euros that we are 4 and we live with 3000 euros? And you with 77 thousand euros? The kids have nothing to do "in the first instance pointed sensual Wanda Nara.
To this he added the following: "The kids lived from within each infidelity yours, felt, every time they saw me I cried, because I'm all they have. Are those who are living it today. Do not give me anything else, go to trial, but did not go for me, I'll get them! "Downloaded the beautiful blonde. Thus, it appears that Wanda Nara has declared war on Maxi Lopez, while posted to defend his salary. Here everyone plays their cards in their own way ...

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