Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Wanda Nara and the second part of the mail-bomb

The war continues Wanda and Maxi. A few days ago a hard mail revealed that the model in pieces, one by one, the seven already infidelities of her husband, has now seen the light of the second part of the paper hard, published by ratingcero.com
"Here you do not have planned visits because you would not sign any agreement. We want to give 3000 euros when Rumi sure that the nanny charged us $ 2000 and now Patricia is charging me 1600 euros! How do I pay outs, medical, groceries, medicines, supplies and what they need it, without saying naphtha, household expenses, etc.. "Wanda wrote on the terms of the financial agreement.
And amenzaba: "Want to go to trial? Or do you want the player to be less silver happens to their children? That arrangement makes you think you have a good lawyer? Feel like 80 thousand euros that we are 4 and we live with 3000 euros? And you with 77 thousand euros? The kids have nothing to do. The kids lived from within each infidelity yours, felt, every time they saw me I cried because I'm all they have. Are those who are living it today. Do not give me more than anything, we go to trial, but I'm by myself, I go by them! "
Wanda spares no detail and always put forward their three children with Maxi. "When copper, when I touch everything you touch me I'll put their name as I always did with everything! They are next to me who suffered and continue to suffer for my bad decision to go beside you thinking you were going to change. That's my fault! To bring more children into the world with a person so I did all that and now this. "

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