Sunday, 9 February 2014

"The Bride of the World's me"

Larissa Riquelme bride wants to remain World for long. Thinks not let him steal that distinction to be won in the finals in South Africa, wearing a sexy shirt of your choice, Paraguay, and mobile carefully placed between her breasts.
Those images persist and endure in the collective memory of the history of football and Larissa wants to enjoy his honorific title, at least "until you decide to retire from modeling. I am still the Bride of the World. Despite speculation and imitation, I am a pioneer, "said the portal.
Its objective is that in the World Cup in Brazil, a country where he has a legion of followers and who became the cover of the 35th anniversary of Playboy magazine, no upstart will usurp the crown. This was also told Brazilian portal that he would come forward to summer mundilista Quote (without her boyfriend Jonathan Fabbro) and prepared a surprise that currently does not disclose to anyone the copy ...
When the time of withdrawal, not before you arrive, Larissa plans to choose his heir. "The day you stop being the bride World'll do a contest to find my successor and I will crown the same, it is the country. The contest will be for the world. It's something you already thought and will be the best way to give my crown. "
Finally, Larissa explained that "would have a word to express what it meant to the South Africa World Cup in my career. He made the biggest dream of my life actually. I became known in the world. I enjoyed it and I still enjoy working in each and every country I visit, especially the affection of the fans. I am very grateful. "
And as we are, it will be well to remember the best pictures of Larissa during the World Cup in South Africa and ... that came later.

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