Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rosario Central is not only Di Maria ... There Silvina Luna!

Silvina Luna, uma manequim que não esconde a paixão pelo futebol (foto )
Club Atlético Rosario Central is an Argentine football club located in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, its biggest rival and Newell `s Old Boys. Founded on December 24, 1889, has in its history, with four Argentine championships. It is also one of the nurseries of great stars of football in this country. 
One of the latest is well known Portuguese: Angel Di Maria. The winger, who went by Benfica and currently wears the jersey of Real Madrid is one of those cases. But not only. All ardent supporters of this club know Silvina Luna, one of the most media adept at Santa Fe model, actress, television host club, is a constant presence in the games and the team suffers as a few.
She who, incidentally, has some alleged relations with soccer players. Among them, Maradona, the God of Argentine football and Diego Forlan, the Uruguayan star selection. Certainties, few, admittedly, but there is an undeniable confirmation. Silvina Luna is a woman full of sensuality, face several covers of men's magazines, among them Playboy. Here are a few pictures that prove all this and something more ... 

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