Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rest of Guerrero

Barbara Evans-OK
A Paolo Guerrero, Peruvian and former Corinthians player of Bayern Munich, is known as the 'Predator' and faith that has moved beyond its nickname the pitch. And the striker has taken a good part in the loving ground. Neither more nor less than Barbara Evans, a known 'bunny' Brazilian Playboy, which featured men's magazine readers as "Lolita you asked for Santa Claus."
Paolo and Barbara were hunted by the always unwelcome paparazzi cameras well caramelized on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. There, between kisses and caresses, they hid the beginning of a relationship that is already taking much interest in the countries of both protagonists. In Brazil, for example, have already rushed to interview the mother of the girl, Monica Evans, a popular television presenter.
"I'm finding for you, but do not know who he is," first responded to reporters and then asked them a question: "Does face bandit? If yes, is the face that she likes, "he laughed. And he fired another joke .. "And only speaks Spanish? For Barbara should contact him kissing a lot then. "

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