Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton no longer hide

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton no longer hide. Source:
And a few weeks ago that Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger hinted that they had resumed their romance. In fact, some pictures that hung on Twitter in which they looked skiing in the area seemed to confirm what was an open secret. However, it had not been seen together before.
And the pairing of the Formula 1 driver and the singer, who decided to give a second chance after almost half a year apart from each other, no longer hide their reconciliation. Turns out Nicole Scherzinger's own recently was seen leaving a hotel to approach a study of West London, where he met Lewis Hamilton himself.
The corridor own Mercedes was waiting with several suitcases and some gifts, an attitude that could correspond to the celebration of Valentine. They then headed to a restaurant in central London to share a dinner in which they were very affectionate. Thus, it seems clear that Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton again bet on love.
To all this, it is necessary to note that a source close to the singer has spoken to The Sun newspaper and explained that she would be willing to give everything for the relationship work. "Nicole is seriously considering moving in with Lewis. They know they can not break and get back together like nothing, so that a greater commitment is the next step. "

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