Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mirtha Sosa confesses love 'banned' for Mourinho

Mirtha Sosa, modelo paraguaia que fez furor em... Espanha (foto )
Mirtha Sosa is a renowned Paraguayan model who has tried his luck in recent years outside of their country, particularly in Spain, in the fashion world. While still at an early stage of the route may, however, which has not had chance to say, and now face several major campaigns. But not only. The media attention has also been revealed in some night outs where he met some star players of Real Madrid. 
Karim Benzema, center-launches the Madrid club, and Royston Drenthe, former player of the team now guided by Ancelotti, were two such cases. Although some parties have shared with the players, stressed that he never had any affair with Real players. After returning to Paraguay, the model gave an interview to the portal Chronicle, in which he explained his time in Spain. 
Said to have saved some friendships with people recognized, but nothing more. In that publication, however, let out a rant. 'My only love is impossible Mourinho, "said the manikin did not hide his admiration for determining the Portuguese coach while passing by Real Madrid. 

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