Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Maurice caught with alcohol

Maurício (foto ASF)
Fined on Sunday morning by Public Security Police, Mauritius should now also be fined for Sporting, under the rules of the club. 
The Brazilian defender was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, operating a stop in Porto - alcohol content was greater than 0.5 but less than 0.8 - paid immediately 250 euros fine and is now the subject of disciplinary proceedings in natural Alvalade. 
The possibility of being punished internally also with the absence in some games is not set aside but it is certain that the process is not completed and the situation is not to be regarded as very serious in Alvalade. 
For the next game, with Rio Ave, absence of Mauritius would be added problem because with Rojo meet punishment for the completed series of five yellow cards, none of the plants commonly holders would be available ... 

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