Thursday, 20 February 2014

'Juventiful', Buffon away from home

Richard Grande Stevens hosts the doors and invites her to dinner (in Monte Carlo), the wife of Pirlo, the new boyfriend of his ex.

'Juventiful', Buffon out of the house - Big Richard Stevens hosts the doors and invites her to dinner (in Monte Carlo), the wife of Pirlo, the new boyfriend of his ex.
With 'Vanity Fair' Big Richard Stevens has confirmed that Gigi Buffon is currently away from the marital home and talked about Valentina Baldini, his former girlfriend, now fiancĂ©e Andrea Pirlo. "Pirlo do not know, I am a friend of the old guard, not new players - he said -. And then I'm happy for Valentina has found a home more suitable for you. Of course, he had to deal with the matter in a more discreet manner. Mine is a home where he used to live in another way. This is not snobbery but of facts: My father studied sixty years, a player has pulled kicking the ball to twenty - will have a better looking body, but the brain is far less trained.There are still bad for my family. This story have called it 'Juventiful', like a soap opera whatsoever. Times have changed. Once Boniperti trimmed his hair to the players, now saw them as they are tanned? This has Pogba with the crest?Young people have a lot less respect. But it is an inevitable result. "
The son of the lawyer Franzo Grande Stevens was recently paparazzi in the company of the former wife Deborah Roversi Andrea Pirlo: "There has presented recently a mutual friend. We were both in this situation, both in spite of ourselves, and of course we talked about it. Normal to be born a certain affinity. We met for a drink, then came to dinner in Monte Carlo, one evening, with his brother and other friends. Could something be born? Maybe in three years, now would be a deadly cafoneria. She is very upset, I would say, because he has two sons. But I know he is in good hands. It went from good divorce in Milan, the Bernardini de Pace. Pirlo is likely to remain in his underwear because Valentina suffers from a disorder, compulsive shopping. "
Closing the homestay Gigi Buffon: "He also had his problems in the family. You wanted to leave the house for a while. We are very good friends. And then, it was a shame that it remained empty a house like this. The two cleaning ladies love him, do not have time to ask for something that they find him ready. At first they were a bit 'confused, have seen coming out of a woman and a dog, and enter Gigi, did not understand. I explained to them that life changes. The feeling with him was immediate because we are very similar. Gigi is intelligent, sensitive, a player atypical, with many interests, including finance. We have also set up a business together: he bought the majority of the Zucchi - the textile company, has this? - And I share. The bet is that in the next five years, we can make them ripartire.Gigi remains to me indefinitely. Here he is master of the house. It can also be there ten years. "
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