Thursday, 13 February 2014

Jesse Rodriguez has a son 'secret'

Jesse Rodriguez has a son 'secret'. Source:
In just weeks, Jesse Rodriguez has gone from being a future promise to a rising star of Real Madrid, as scores decisive goals in important match. Precisely why, now that has a great popularity, some media have begun to inquire about his private life, which is quite juicy.
And it has been reported that the front of fashion father Santiago BernabĂ©u is a year and a half ago. As public agencies 'LOC' own Jesse Rodriguez and the mother of the child can not maintain a relationship, but the player usually merengue often travel to the island of Gran Canary to visit, as his former partner and their shoot live there.
It has also been reported that the new white crack keeps the secrecy about his private life that even most of his team-mates were unaware of the existence of his son. Still, some of his fellow Real Madrid Castilla yes they were aware of the birth of the son of Jesse Rodriguez. In turn, it also says that the squad retired to his father, who worked in a pharmacy, after becoming the first team player of Real Madrid.Undoubtedly, it is very interesting what happens in the life of the front beyond the football fields ...

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