Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gossip, "Buffon, D'Amico attorneys Juve»

The TV presenter, who according to some gossip would be the new flame of Juventus goalkeeper, was intercepted in the studies of the legal club

TURIN - the soap opera continues unabated gossip-Seredova Buffon-D'amico. 
The story is enhanced by a new chapter. 
The weekly 'Who', after a real chase, he surprised the presenter Sky in Milan. The D'Amico, accompanied by three security men and hidden in a warm hat and a forest of umbrellas, rose on a white Jeep color to go to a building in Via Manzoni. Do what? Not to meet Buffon but to enter the offices of Franzo Grande Stevens. Yes, that's the lawyer of the Agnelli family (his son Richard, a friend of Buffon and Seredova, is the former boyfriend of Valentina Baldini, current girlfriend of Andrea Pirlo). At the exit from the appointment, D'Amico would leave the law firm going up on another black car. The question that the weekly 'Who' you is legitimate: "Why showgirl, who already seems to have his lawyer, visited the office of the company that deals with Juventus?».

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