Monday, 3 February 2014

Giggs Will Teach how to link to Januzaj naive?

 Media mocks England and the other supports you. Adnan Januzaj, Belgian pearl Manchester United, has suffered in the flesh the cruelty of the British tabloids, which have aired the resounding failure of the quotation which he made a girl through internet.
Melissa McKenzie (25 years), seven more than the inner thin, explained to The Sun that his meeting was a capital disappointment since the player was accompanied by his mother, wearing a tracksuit and that she had to pay for parking.
But that was not all ... "I've never met anyone so mean. I was very excited about our first date. We had met through a social network. I really managed and makeup cost me dearly. I thought I would pick up in a flashy car, but had to take me to dinner at my old blue Ford Fiesta "said Melissa.
What's more, Januzaj proposed as one of a restaurant known fast food chain. That was too much. "I did not expect to have to go there with a United player," the angry Melissa complained to the Belgian (20 euors paid for dinner) even gave one last surprise by asking her to take him home ... to nine p.m..
Clearly Januzaj Linnet sinned and naive in his appointment. Some say I should have asked for advice in the United dressing room, where there are real 'masters' in dealing with women. The largest of them, a Ryan Giggs whose infidelities came to court. Their betrayals with a model and the relationship with his sister, the wife of his brother, for eight years, was a genuine scandal.
So better than Giggs not teach you tactics to Januzaj. For your sake ... and the girls you know, better than little naive.

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