Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gianinna Maradona opened his heart and moved 'I forgave my dad the day he died'

Gianinna Maradona spoke in a telephone interview with "The Daily Mariana" about his father, excited and in tears, the daughter of Diego and said he forgave his dad and he is "very proud". In addition, he told the truth of why she never had a relationship with Veronica Ojeda.
In the beginning, Gianinna referred to his meeting with Ojeda, and told how it was the moment he met her. "He did not, I met her in a particular context to it from the beginning and always had to be the couple respertar by my dad, but that was it."
On the other hand, said that the great disturbance with Veronica was because she was receiving filtered conversations Diego.
"I can not say that filtered calls because I was not there, but if we could talk to my dad because the phones were turned off or silent."
At the end of the note, Gianinna was sincere and opened his heart to thetrue relationship with his father. "Not going to know no one I talked to him for me I'll take to the grave. A mi reached me what explained after having made two hundred thousand questions and it hurt his explanation, and things like daughter, and as a woman, but it's your life and if I had to say of his life would be days and it is not my intention. "
"I forgave my dad the day he died, he was in intensive care, we talk and he squeezed my hand. I asked you to stay beside me and did not leave, I needed you to stay by my side , and that day I forgave him for staying, "said Gianinna moved and in tears.
"The things he has done before I can judge as the daughter, wife and all, but it's my dad. Conmigo A Dad increíble.Yo Gianinna Maradona my dad I'm Proud"

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