Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fico: "Mario, now depends on you"

"Pia is still small, has plenty of time to recover. May be with her what he wants, is a good one," says Raffaella.

Fico: Mario, now depends on you - Pia is still small, has plenty of time to recover. Can be with her what he wants, it's a good, says Raffaella.
"Mario has plenty of time to recover, Pia is still very small. But it depends on him." 

Raffaella Fico in the columns of 'Diva e Donna' returns to talk about the former boyfriend Mario Balotelli, the father of her daughter, a few days after recognition of the small Pia. "I've always said that it is basically a good person, now he has to show that it can also be a good father. But I'm sure he will," said the former gieffina, adding: "Slowly learns to know his daughter. With her you can spend all the time he wants, the most important thing is that everything happens gradually, Pia should not suffer trauma.'ll decide along the way. " 

"I want to share everything with Mario, I'd like to know that Pia in its habitat. Maybe in his room, including his games and his things. Both the room is already carpeted photos of dad, I always talk to him. I never wanted to disappear the father figure to her, "adds the soubrette. 

"I suffered a lot when I was accused of being a liar and approfittatrice. I can not understand what may have been my lies, I just wanted to give a father to Pia. I have always told the truth, I do not see Mario since I was seven months pregnant . since then I have not heard ", the final outburst of Raffaella. 

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