Monday, 24 February 2014

Fernanda Lima: sex with heels to yoga ...

Wearing only a pair of boots and very sensual. This photo of Fernanda Lima is the most illustrative of the new campaign signature 'Arezzo', which the presenter is new ambassador.
At 36, this Brazilian who dazzled in the World Cup draw, has become an irresistible lure for major brands. During the presentation of the campaign, which was exhibited in a black dress, Fernanda unveiled some intimate secrets. "I already made love with heels sometimes. It's very sexy!. It gives a point of madness and a while now, I've noticed the power that men have over heels, "he said.
To the delight of photographers during the presentation, Fernanda legs crossed on several occasions to highlight the stunning heels shoes that promotes and explained that for her "the hottest shoe is the higher and finer."
A few days after this presentation, Fernanda starred in another event entirely different character.The actress has joined the project 'City of God', which operates in the field of education, culture and sport, with the aim of contributing to the education of children and adolescents. Within this framework, Fernanda taught a yoga class in the west of Rio de Janeiro. Ronaldo, the Phenomenon, also working in this campaign.

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