Monday, 3 February 2014

Euro to Hollywood

Natalie Siwiec-31-OK
 From a photographer disclose his charms while attending some matches of Euro played in their country, Poland, Natalie Siwiec's career has taken a dramatic turn. The bride known as Euro 2012 Premieres Sunday a reality show dedicated to his daily life and sounds to make the leap to Hollywood. Can you ask for more ...?
Most mortals reponderíe surely not, but we doubt that Natalie did. This beautiful and versatile woman wants to cover all fields. And it has not only proven in the world of modeling, film, television or journalism but has also sounded to be part of the list of a political party of his country to the European Parliament. So far it has discarded for lack of time, not ambition.
Currently, Natalie ensures that telespectacdores enjoy the beautiful with the ten chapters of his reality, and we do not doubt that it has walked around the house naked in front of cameras. That does not seem to have cared Mariustz nor her husband or his father (which he defines as a television "animal") which also appear in a similar starring Kim Kardashian reality in America.
His appearance on the international editions of Maxim, Playboy Equire or have earned notoriety outside their country and some media speculated amricanos landing in Hollywood. And it reminds Natalie Vanessa Marcil, the star of the popular television series 'Las Vegas', and say that thanks to his fame on the Internet is increasing in the United States could soon make the leap. In fact, last year, as we saw in, Natalie did a photo shoot in bikini on the beaches of Miami.
We leave you with a gallery of the best photos of this Polish deity.

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