Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Diego Maradona Sinagra, distressed by his father's attitude of not recognizing another child

Diego Maradona Sinagra Pamela David spoke by telephone for "American Breakfast". While he expressed surprised and happy by the arrival of a new sibling, was distressed because another child is not recognized.

How to Diego Maradona Sinagra took his father to be a father again, was the kick to break the ice and his vision: "The news surprised me, but still, I'm happy. When a woman is pregnant is a blessing from God. "

Comparison of Veronica Ojeda with his mother, Cristiana Sinagra, the young man said that all relationships are different, beyond that Diego trip over the same mistakes. "Their stories are different, but their attitudes are the same," said clear reference to what was said by Maradona: "That son will of another." Said and done that crop history, because he is also a child not recognized.

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