Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bane Giroud

Marronazo for Olivier Giroud, the French striker Arsenal. And is that The Sun published Sunday that two weeks ago, during the pre-concentration match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace, spent a couple of hours in his hotel room with a girl, violating the disciplinary rules of the club.
Was the model itself, Celia Kay, born in Denver but currently based in London, which has recognized and confessed everything. In pictures published by British tabloid is seen arriving at the hotel at ten to one in the morning and leaving it after three. As suggested Giroud, Celia dressed as normal as not to attract the attention of security staff Arsenal, though below their lingerie wearing casual clothes, as also revealed that he had asked the front.
According to her, did not get to have sex during the two hours they were together. Only "were loving," said Celia, who did not want to stay all night, as you have asked Giroud. Also revealed that they met chatting and he sent her a picture with her naked body. "I said I'd see the rest in person," he said and denied that he knew that the French is married and has a daughter.
Giroud has denied it all and see what Wenger, whom history will be sitting and burnt horn which is published just after the debacle (5-1) in the area of ​​Liverpool says.

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