Sunday, 23 February 2014

Balotelli and Fanny, like two lovebirds

The stormy relationship between Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha Belgian model through one of their sweetest moments. After the storm last December, when the separation seemed short, the waters have returned to normal and both loudly proclaim their love through social networking.
Shortly after Supermario Pia recognize the paternity of the daughter he had with Rafaella Fico, Fanny reappeared in Instagram and reactivated his profile with a declaration of love. He wrote that Balotelli is his "better half and no one in front or behind us."
A few days later Fanny was in Milan, but did not bring much luck to the front, which he lost to Atletico Madrid in the Champions. In the following days, Fanny continued hanging pictures and messages about their relationship. A video showed all the car Balotelli (from Ferrari to Lamborghini, Audi going through) and a photo in which he explained that he was with "my accomplice in the crime scene" after a night out.

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