Monday, 3 February 2014

Abbey does not forget the betrayal of an escort Crouch

 They have already spent about four years and Abbey Clancy has not forgotten. Forgiven yes, but never erase from his mind the betrayal of what is now her husband and then-boyfriend, the lanky striker Stoke City, who paid $ 1,000 for the services of a Spanish escort during a trip to Madrid for a bachelor party .
The tabloids published it with great fanfare riding a famous scandal on the model spent much shame. These days he recalled in an interview with 'The Mirror'. "It was horrible," said Abbey, who was pregnant at the time.
"For any woman who is pregnant or has a child, it is very difficult," says Mrs. Crouch is from 2011, a year after the incident that marriage has left behind and now calls "one of those things ..."
He has completely forgiven Peter which he describes as "my best friend. makes me laugh, is kind, generous and amazing father. I'm proud of him, "said Abbey, who just won a dance contest on British television and has also recently introduced the new campaign for lingerie firm Ultimo, video and photos which you can see below.
But before ye may remember the canary escort Monica Mint, then 19 years and posed for Interview among other magazines exploiting her fleeting fame for sleeping with Peter Crouch and two Real Madrid players who he said "do not have a good I remember. "

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