Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wanda reveals 7 infidelities Maxi

wanda-nara - 10, OK
"No grudge against Wanda," said Maxi López few days after separation. However, by Wanda yes ... and no hard feelings. Confirmed by a mail heartbreaking just come to light through the journalist Rodrigo Lusich in 'AM' in the model details the "seven infidelities" in which the player hunt.
The mail is dated December 8 and sent to Maxi Wanda started knowing just when maintaining a new relationship Mauro Icardi. The text is as follows:
"You showed me that I want to keep on cag ... as the day you coj ... Troops ... with napo in the fifth, as the day you took ... to put a boat one weekend and told me you were like when you concentrate ... coj you ... in my house and I used to denounced by rape, as with my mom when I found you with prostitutes in the department of Darius Bombini your representative, and witnesses are all your friends who are there with you. As when we left it in a hotel in Barcelona and you left with a mine. Like when I sat down to talk to the Italian who say she is pregnant and he told me that two years ago you ... You cut the coj Benchu ​​born when you kept searching and then (if you remember something I have not test every thing). I forgot the brasileira you dated Valu in Brazil when he was a baby. I all these years all I did was take care of my children, mourn, suffer and try to save my family. Now it's over. "

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