Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Victoria Beckham: "I never said that Spain smells like garlic"

It has always been told that Victoria Beckham did not like Madrid or Spain. Among other things, because, reportedly said at the time, the capital stank ... garlic. A myth that the singer and designer has been responsible for denying in an interview with Vanity Fair that arrives Tuesday at the kiosks.
"I never said that Spain smells like garlic," says the 'Posh', which certainly did not live their best moments in Madrid. At that time, said that he had quarreled with Ana Obregón in a gym and her husband had an affair with Rebecca Loos, his housekeeper.
The Beckham also refused to be reunited with the Spice Girls. · "I will not re-dedicate myself to that. Participate in the Olympic Games was a great honor. I became proud to be British ... But it was the perfect time to say: this has been a blast. Thank you very much to all, but it's over. "

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