Sunday, 26 January 2014

There was no 'blood' in the duel Icardi-Maxi

The Inter-Catania was the party with the most morbid of the day of Serie A. Face to face, for the first time since Wanda Nara stop at one another, and Mauro Icardi Maxi Lopez. High expectation for what would happen. So that neither the star itself would lose and what was presented in one of the boxes of San Siro.
From there, smiling and with mobile in hand, looked like blood not reached the river. And it Icardi and Maxi or crossed, because not played a single minute. Both were heated bench ninety minutes and mourning must wait for another day. Although it is possible that other teams because Maxi can leave soon to return to Catania Sampdoria, where militant when the scandal was hatched. In this team coincided with Icardi and it became good friends. Whether that was continually in his house and there he began to be confident of his wife and then become his mistress.
The couple already has promised and is awaiting the arrival of the divorce between Wanda and Maxi. Meanwhile, no day the 'Wancardi' no show us your passion in social networks.

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