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"Sylvie Meis receives offer six figures biography '

Sylvie Meis has received an offer to have recorded. Intimate details of her life The autobiography of a six-figure sum would be involved. It reports Focus Online based on ABC Online.
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2013 was a hectic year for the woman who for years was as Sylvie van der Vaart through life. On January 2, 2013 and made it known that their glamor Rafael marriage was over.Then began the speculation and gossip and followed the new twists in the lives of the presenter and the footballer together at breakneck speed.

Was beaten during New Year's Eve?Sylvie had deceived the footballer?And what was the other way around?Who was Guillaume Zarka? And what was with Rafael Sabia, formerly the BFF Sylvie? Sabia was pregnant?Sylvie had aangeklooid with Zlatan?What developments would affect the performance of the football Orange International?

Rafael continued Sabia. Sylvie tried to fill. Her role as mother of Damian as well as possible Sabia became pregnant, but lost her unborn child.Finally, there was also a KLM pilot who tried to sell. The story of his escapades with Sylvie Meis had been blackmailed for by confessing in November. Itself the story

Eventually, the marriage between Sylvie and Rafael on December 4, 2013 was officially disbanded.

Range of six figures
Focus Online is able to report that Sylvie has received from a publisher who sees merit in the intimate details of the violent past year, but also the rest of the life of the presenter who also is widely known in Germany, in writing an offer now to set. Meis would previously have received an offer of six figures and Christian Schommers, which in 2013 had a bestseller with the biography of former tennis player Boris Becker, was the (co-) author should be.

"Yes, it's true. There is a range of six digits of a publishing house to Mrs. Meis' confirms Schommers to ABC Online. According to him, there would be discussions since December."Sylvie Meis is a fascinating woman and one of the largest German TV star. She is in the public interest and has experienced tremendous. "

If Meis agree then Schommers would prefer to write an autobiography, as he did Boris Becker: "Sylvie tells the story than anything in the I-form."

The author has several job titles that haunt his mind. "I, Sylvie," or "Sylvie: My Life ', would belong to the possibilities.

Sylvie in Bild
The possible consent of Meis would fit into the line that they inzette since early January. The autobiographySince then appear in the German Bilddifferent contributions of the presenterwith glimpses of her turbulent life. With the series Meis hopes a counterbalance against the nonsense that is written. "

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