Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nabilla Benattia, French Kardashian is ahead of PSG

Nabilla Benattia, uma manequim de vários atributos (foto )
Nabilla Benattia recently earned a nickname ... about: Kim Kardashian French. Or more. At 21, this Gallic pump, the daughter of Algerian father and Italian mother, gained all the popularity in several television ads that ran in the world last year. Hired by a modeling agency at 14, Nabilla, with several appearances on the covers of men's magazines hugely successful. 
Still, in the advertising world, was celebrated with various phrases, some of which have generated immense wrath on you tube. So much so that, imagine, Nabilla Benattia was one of the most in demand names in search engines in France. Both ... as, for example, the PSG, a club that has gained tremendous prominence in recent years compared to the millions who did signings. 
Nabilla, an unconditional supporter of ... gyms, or do not have a stunning body, already has a TV program in France and his promises greater things ... A feast for the less attentive eyes, here is a dummy that has requested to appear in several campaigns Gauls clubs. Who will bring the best in the race to this great hire? 

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