Tuesday, 21 January 2014


David Beckham en séance de dédicace de son autobiographie au Waterstone's le 19 décembre 2013
Katherine Jenkins, who an affair with David Beckham was paid, confided in The Sun and she says not to regret the way she handled the rumors. At the time, it was explained on Twitter.
In 2012, the Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins was at the heart of a very insistence rumor : she would have had an affair with David Beckham . The young woman had at the time responded to these rumors on Twitter and had denied the information describing these accusations as false and hurtful in a message she always stands today, in the columns of the Sun: "It was necessary that I do so I had to do I just do not want people to think I was that kind of girl That is not out of nowhere... everyone talking. " Katherine Jenkins has crossed orVictoria or David Beckham since the incident but think that their next meeting would be "interesting".
In parallel, it has recently been reported that the couple, married since 1999, could live separately, David Beckham is on the verge of signing a contract to buy a football club in Miami.The former sports therefore consider moving to Florida, a decision that his wife would have objected. "There are many interests at stake with this contract and David did not take lightly," he told a source in the British magazine Star. "Initially, Victoria and had told him to return together in America butVictoria has changed his mind . "
The disagreement would last for several weeks now but Victoria and David Beckham have finally found a compromise. "It's frustrating that they are separated again because Posh loved David more this last year," said the source magazine. "But at the same time, she knows that having a home in Miami where she can spend the holiday with family is a good idea. David has always supported his ambitions and now she wants to do the same for him."

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