Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hormigos's husband says the child is his

Betrayed her husband with a footballer and jumped to fame by a committed video that masturbated to her lover, the goalkeeper of the team of his people, the Yébenes (Toledo). Forgot Hormigos is back in today. This time, monopolizes the media attention after confirming she is pregnant with more than ten weeks.
The first announcement was made by no less than Belén Esteban. Then we confirmed the Oblivion itself, further revealed that the unborn baby is not her husband and any of the long list of lovers has been attributed in recent months (Guti Hasdrubal through Oscar Pereiro).
A few days later, the husband of Hormigos Jesus Atahonero, broke his silence and was interviewed by Emma Garcia at the 'Open your eyes and look' program. In their juicy statements, confirmed that he had forgiven his wife's infidelity with goalkeeper Yébenes club.
"Forgetting and I talk about everything. Who told me that she had an affair with a girl and it was she who told me that they had caught the second time and had pictures was, "said the carpenter.
He could not hide the worst was having to tell their children. "When the video came out I had a hard, it was very hard, especially for my children. That's something I can not explain, but I faced. I even saw the video with Oblivion. "
The husband said exconcejala keenly anticipated that the child is on the way and said "now do not forgive infidelity any more."

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