Friday, 24 January 2014

Fiorella, the model that plays as good as Messi

Sure many players will die of envy when they see this video. And it Fiorella Castillo, actress and model, plays better than most of them. It's so good and he who has dared to compare it with Leo Messi, but the truth is dominating the ball when and how you want.
At 24, he admits that it just costs you a lot of effort to touch the ball and followed in all kinds of positions. "It's a natural ability," he recently said in an interview. When he started working as a model, so did some Argentine television programs where he reached a well deserved reputation.At present, produces a cable program Futsal, parades and exploits its footballing profile shows some payment. Graduating in journalism and touch as well as the angels, it is very pretty.

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