Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dangerous curves Helena Soares

Helena Soares, 31 anos, um corpo deslumbrante (foto )
A brief glance, assessing beauty and stunning body, just imagine what makes Helena Soares.Well, at age 31, mother of three, this brunette is a star behind the wheel. Or more. We are talking about one of the greatest rally drivers with success in Brazil. Woman warrior, the Monkey manages to hide the fact the 109 cm ​​and hip 68 waist. 
Still, behind the uniform hides a beautiful woman, easy smile, who has won several car racing.But not only. The sensuality would lead to the other areas, like dancing, one of his passions.Reason has been chosen by several samba schools to Musa Carnival. 
"Life teaches me everyday obstacles that help us leverage our limits. Love Country Rally because it requires my best all the time and being chosen his muse left me very happy, I feel honored and I want to represent all the amazing women who face making the best presentation at the Sambadrome Paulista. The samba is always on the tip of the tongue and exercise every day to make good figure on the avenue 'secured Helena, in an interview with a Brazilian magazine. 

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