Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bebeto's son denies an affair with Bruna Marquezine. Source:
As you will recall, a few weeks ago started rumor about a possible rift between Bruna Marquezine and Neymar, since they would not have spent the night of New Year's Eve together. However, although was late, the actress herself was responsible for denying the separation.
But now they come out information implicating the 18 years since the Brazilian newspaper 'Extra' has reported that Bruna Marquezine have happened that night with Mattheus Oliveira, the son of the legendary Bebete that today plays for Flamengo , and they even have had an affair with him. Anyway, the Mattheus itself has been responsible for denying these rumors with an official statement and providing a graphical proof of the stronger.
"Preservo my private life, I'm a football player and my concern is to play. But I can not help but invent lies, especially if involving the girlfriend of a friend. I know Neymar since he was fifteen and have relationship, never do any of the things you suggest. Bruna met Marquezine quite some time because we have a friend in common, although not part of the same circle of friends or have any kind of relationship, "he assured.And to prove it, he hung a picture in which he is seen with his sister, the model Stephanie Oliveira, who spent the last night of 2013.

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