Tuesday, 24 December 2013

From red lights to Inter

These two passions Rebecca Tomei, pornstar who loves Inter Milan and Diego Milito in particular.

From red lights to Inter - These are the two passions of Rebecca Tomei, pornstar who loves Inter Milan and Diego Milito in particular.
Two great passions: sex and Inter. Are those of Rebecca Tomei, Milan pornstars in the interviews that proves to Hardcelebrity.com to understand and how to ball. 

"With Mazzarri Diego Milito on the bench and in the form we can point to return to the Champions League," said the blonde Rebecca fact, proving to have a real fondness for the Argentine striker. "Milito is still the 'Prince' - he added -. I can not wait to see him on the field. With this game, and he and Palacio forward I am sure that our ranking would be different." 

And for the love of the Beloved Rebecca does not stop there. This is demonstrated by a photo shoot recently as "Contract Pink'o Girl", which is ritrata wearing only a Nerazzurri shirt. "A tribute to my team that is a bit 'like me: crazy, stubborn but most did not budge," he explained. 

Lewis tries again with Nicole

Evidence of reconciliation between Hamilton and Scherzinger, who may spend their holidays together in Switzerland. And the British speak of an incoming ring.

Lewis tries again with Nicole - Evidence of reconciliation between Hamilton and Scherzinger, who may spend their holidays together in Switzerland. And the British speak of an incoming ring.
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger tries again. 

The golden couple of the paddock of Formula 1 is back from long months of back and forth, so that in the summer months, the Mercedes driver (which, as the lovely Nicole has competed in the world of music composing some songs) had proved to be a most prolific author in times of emotional distress, such as what was passing at the time. 

Well, the holiday season once again seem to have reconciled the two lovebirds who will spend some quiet time together on Lake Geneva. Not only that, according to the British magazine 'Woman' Lewis would like to give the pop star a ring to seal the flashback in place between the two. 

At least until the next break, as happened in the previous attempt to Hamilton to ask for the hand of the judge of X-Factor UK. But in that case the proposal arrived in Malibu, maybe the pilot is hoping that the snow will bring you more fortune of the sea ... 

Shemale Zampiroli shocked Brazil and confirmed case with Romario

Esta foi uma das fotografias que gerou toda a polémica entre Zampiroli e Romário (foto D.R.)
Thalita Zampiroli is one of the most talked about models these days in Brazil. And the topics of conversation are not extinguished only by numerous photo shoots huge success of this manikin of Espírito Santo, an unconditional supporter of Flamengo, who already face many contests and activities related to next year's World Cup in Brazil. 
The controversy settled in an alleged affair with the transsexual Romario, one of the ambassadors of Brazilian football. Zampiroli, who was photographed holding hands with softly after a show Luan Santana last week, has now confirmed he exchanged kisses with the former Brazilian international that night. A case belied by Romario in social networks and that angered the brunette. 
"We hung yes. It was not just friendship as he spoke and did not want to go through as a liar or someone who wants to appear. I did not get Romario just tonight, but we had a case a year, "said the manikin to the newspaper Extra, Brazil. 
In this same publication, Thalita has confirmed that the former player did not know she had done surgery sex change. "I am a woman and Romário stayed with me know that. I consider myself well and not have to talk about my life for the entire world. On the day the news came out, I sought him, asking for help, but he did not answer me, nor given the opportunity to explain myself. I will not go through liar, nor reveal details of the conversation, "he said. 

Wanda Nara: divorce and ... another marathon sex?

Wancardi bed-ok
Wanda Nara is straightforward. Afternoon Maxi divorced and at night it began a "miniluna 'honey with Mauro Icardi. Will definitely very hot Christmas for the couple, upon arriving in Brazil, his fate, took some photos on the bed kissing and shared with his followers on Twitter ...
But let's go in chronological order. The first is to explain the divorce: Maxi and Wanda were presented in court and there was signed by mutual agreement, as well as a confidentiality agreement in which they commit to not comment on the agreement regarding the division of property, maintenance and custody of their three children.
After this bitter pill, to the model it was the champagne and began to enjoy his new love. Fresh from Milan, Wanda received Mauro Icardi the airport of Ezeiza and there embarked for Brazil as two lovebirds hanging on Twitter and the first photos of their meeting and helicopter ride.
Once at the destination, got into bed and photographed showing his tattoos love and kissing. We assume that was the prelude to other sexual marathon that can leave the now famous trifle 'quindicina' (15 times in 28 hours) of their previous encounter in Buenos Aires.
Having seen, sure that they will tell their prowess. Meanwhile, we leave you with a gallery of Wanda burning at its last meeting in December for the magazine Man.

Roger Federer: "Myla and Charlene are Big Sisters»

Good news on the feast of love! The Federer family is growing next year.

Congratulations Roger Federer (32) and its Mirka (35) again next year parents.
"We are happy to share with you the news that Myla and Charlene are 2014 Big Sisters. Merry Christmas, "can our tennis ace on Christmas Eve via Twitter announced (see above).
In order for the family Federer is extended by a new member. On 23 July 2009 saw the now four-year-old twin daughters Charlene Riva and Myla Rose the light of day.

Whether it's a boy or a girl, Roger has not betrayed. We are curious. (Rae)