Sunday, 22 December 2013

Zlatan: I do not want to lock up my kids

Foto: Amandine Noel / Icon Sport
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 32, is one of the world's top footballers and today one of Sweden's most beloved persons.
In a major report in Dutch football magazine Voetbal International that aware of tells Zlatan via a large number of images of their own success story, the love of family - and the mighty project Paris Saint-Germain.
Here is an excerpt from the story.
"From the moment I knew that Helena was pregnant, I realized that my life would never be the same. When Maxi was born, he became the most important in my life. A feeling you can just explain to someone else who also has children. Then Vincent came is that feeling even stronger. My private life is all about being with these two amazing little boys. My own childhood was sometimes tough, but I'm sure my parents always wanted us the best. Helena and I have the same thought when we raise boys. It has nothing to do with money, but love and attention.
Sure, my kids have a lot of opportunities. A lot more than many other children. But that does not mean they get everything and do everything. Absolutely not.They go to an international school and thrive. Vincent looks like me, Maxi similar to Helena. Both have a lot of energy. Therefore, we let them practice a lot so that they can get rid of their energy. They go to kickboxing, soccer and recently they have started to play tennis. "

"Good for discipline"

Zlatan continues:
"My friend Novak Djokovic invited us to one of his matches in Paris a few months ago. Boys followed and since then, Novak has been their greatest hero. They wanted to start with tennis and I thought it was good because tennis is a good sport to improve your coordination.
Kickboxing was my idea, because it is good for discipline and you learn to respect your opponent. I'm also glad that they like football, because I think it's important that they learn to play in a team. If they have the talent that we will see in the future. They are still young. They like it and that's what's important.
We do not want our children to be treated differently, for example, they were easily distracted when they trained kickboxing and I had a feeling that the teacher was having trouble controlling it. I told him that we would leave the room and he would treat them just like everyone else. We have done this in a few weeks and now it's much better. "

"Too bad I can not move freely"

Zlatan about the difficulties of moving freely around town:
"It is a pity that I can not move freely out there with the kids but it does not stop us. Sometimes I go with my kids at McDonalds or Subway to eat something. Though there will be chaos after a few minutes, I continue nevertheless to do it . I do that for several reasons. most important thing: I like it and I will not let it be taken away from me. Another goal is that the boys get used to the fact that their dad is famous and people getting excited by this. Will it be too much we try to shield them from it, it would not be good if they see that people start to cry or faint. But I want them to know the world anyway. This is a part of us and our lives, and it is so it is., I can even lock them up, but it would not be good. Regularly we take bike rides to the park., it is like that while I enjoy the most of. "

Spy grandmother dies Irina Shayk

A few days ago we showed you the most sensual and fun Irina in a video congratulating Christmas from the magazine 'Love Magazine', now we have to tell you that the model is going to happen the worst Christmas of her life. And her grandmother Galina has died aged 89, after failing to overcome health problems that made her into a coma a few weeks ago.
Irina said goodbye to his grandmother on a recent trip which had to cancel all his professional commitments. It was the same model who has announced the death through her Instagram account, where hung a photograph with his beloved grandmother, whom he loved and admired deeply. Galina Shaykhlislamova, remember, was Stalin's spy in Nazi Germany during World War II and received several awards for it.

Fico: "Balotelli should be ashamed"

New attack of the soubrette: 'Take a DNA test, continues to infangarmi. "

Fico: Balotelli should be ashamed - New attack of the soubrette: Do the DNA test, continues to infangarmi.
New heavy attack Raffaella Fico Mario Balotelli. The bone of contention remains Pia, daughter of the maid, and perhaps even the attacker Milan, which so far has not done the DNA test: "He is the father of my daughter, do not spit on the plate when I ate. Was he who created chaos inventing things, "said Fico at Channel 5.
"I just asked him to do a DNA test. My lawyers have called three times and was never presented. Its outputs are made only for the purpose of infangarmi. Why? Should ask him. If you do the test DNA will have to be ashamed to be treated like the mother of his daughter, "said the former girlfriend of SuperMario.

Christmas, Melissa late

Boateng's girlfriend, pregnant, has not yet finished decorating the house.

Christmas, Melissa late - Boateng's girlfriend, pregnant, has not yet finished decorating the house.
"Letterina Christmas" Melissa Satta (pregnant) who explained to his many followers on twitter how the preparations parties. 

"Hello everyone, now there are only a few days at Christmas, but this year because of the move and the various work commitments, I have to admit I'm really late with the preparation of the tree!
I started to decorate the house in Düsseldorf, but the other day when I recovered all the decorations, I realized that there were still several things is to have a well-decorated tree, just like me, and has everything you need in view of the parties.
And so, taking advantage of my move to Milan, I trimmed a few hours to go to a department store in search of all that I was missing and I needed.
I want much to embellish the house and the tree during the holidays, I love the magic that is created, somehow I seem to go girl! The decorations really bring me so much joy because they create a festive feeling! :) ".

Silvio, nothing Harley Francesca

Berlusconi considers it "too dangerous."

Silvio, nothing Harley Francesca - Berlusconi considers it too dangerous.
Nothing Harley Davidson gift for Francesca Pascale. The companion of the leader of Forza Italy Silvio Berlusconi dreams for years the legendary racing car on two wheels, but the former prime minister has refused: according to Corriere della Sera, the Milan president deemed "too dangerous" the bike.
The couple is getting ready for the second Christmas together. The program: December 25 Arcore family can then New Year's Eve in the mountains in Trentino, unless unforeseen last minute.

Night control for Wanda

The beautiful Argentinian model was stopped by police for inspection.

Night control for Wanda - The beautiful Argentine model was stopped by police for inspection.
Wanda Nara is in spite of himself at the center of gossip italoargentini. The beautiful model, star of the triangle with Mauro Icard and Maxi Lopez, was stopped by police on the night in Villa Carlos Paz, a town in the province of Cordoba, for a checkup.
As soon as the police have found out who had stopped, they did not get out of the car for a search of Wanda, but for an autograph and a photo.
The model is then posted a photo and a video on Twitter, commenting enjoyed what happened in the company of his friend Kenny Palacios.
Wanda Nara y Maxi López
Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez again see the faces on Monday 23 December at 10.30 when they meet at the first divorce hearing, which will hold the Family Court No. 6 San Isidro.
The player arrives in Argentina and while their children enjoy Valentino, Constantino and Benedict, who also spend Christmas.

Transexual says no Romario told about sex change

Thalita Zampirolli disse que trocou beijos com Romário em show Foto: Facebook / Reprodução
In an interview with 'Portrait of Life' column of the newspaper Extra transsexual Thalita Zampirolli said to have lived one year romance with the deputy Romario Farias. The model, however, was keen to stress that the former player had no knowledge that she was transsexual.
In recent days, Romario joked rumors that an affair would be living with Thalita, after both were spotted out together a house show.

Guess where Vanessa Tasquetto tattooed ... Ronaldinho?

Vanessa Tasquetto tens vários admiradores no mundo do futebol (foto D.R.)
Vanessa Tasquetto, 24, dummy, dancer, DJ and entrepreneur. A model that, in addition to multiple functions, has a broad curriculum of alleged relationships with footballers. Memories which, moreover, revealed recently, will be exhibited in a book of erotic short story involving some of these stars in the world of the ball. 
After a romance with Brazilian Adriano, ex-international, known as Emperor, followed by an affair that caused quite a stir: Ronaldinho. It all started at a meeting in Mexico in Cancun, which have provided scorching moments. 'Ronaldinho is good at everything he does. Besides being a wonderful person is great in bed, surprised me, "Vanessa said in a recent interview with a Brazilian publication. She already made ​​numerous scorching productions in order to honor the Corinthians, the club of his heart, and the Brazilian national team. 
Daniel Alves, Barcelona's side, was also one of the names that has been linked to the model. A relationship that does not ... walked. "I never had anything more with it. Just gave a gift of a life story that had 'reported. 
Part of the protagonists of these stories there was never confirmations. Still, in order to honor the star of Atletico Mineiro, Vanessa now tattooed on one of his groin right leg, the name R10.One way to encourage the player and all his admirers. Original, no?