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Zlatan speaks out: "Helena has given his life for me '

Foto: Tommy Pedersen
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 32, is one of the world's top footballers and today one of Sweden's most beloved persons.
In a major report in Dutch football magazine Voetbal International that aware of tells Zlatan via a large number of images of their own success story, the love of family - and the mighty project Paris Saint-Germain.
Here is an excerpt from the story.
Zlatan to Voetbal International on his partner Helena Seger and everyday life:
"My love Helena, she is the stronger of the two of us., It is not easy to live with a football player, and certainly not a player at the level where I play. Moreover, she is also raising two children, which requires a lot of patience ., we had a nanny for a while, but we no longer have it. decision to proceed without a nanny has been very good for our family., we have come much closer now. "

"Traditional family life"

"We do not let many people get into our circle, but those who get the chance to get to know us are shocked when they discover how normal we live our lives. Helena manages the household itself, wash and cook every day. And I play with the kids when I get home., we want to have a traditional Swedish family life together. fact that we are rich and famous does not mean we can not have it think, you should have a butler, just because you have a lot of money?, we believe it is nonsense. "

"Does it all"

Zlatan continues:
"Helena had a career already when we met., She had a good job and made a lot of money, she did not need me for my money or because I was famous., We fell in love because of the reasons why other people fall in love. Helena has given his life for me and it is a sign that means everything in our family., I am well aware that it is special when someone does everything for another person.
Helena is ten years older than me. It was very nice to start getting to know her. I played for Ajax and a lot happened in my life. I was in focus, there was a lot of interest from big clubs ... It was Zlatan fever, almost everywhere. So it seemed to me anyway. I was in a roller coaster that just kept driving. Helena helped me to live a little peace and quiet. She was an important factor for stability in my life. Thanks to her I found peace at home. She moved with me to Turin and became my support there too, but she prefers to stay in the background. Over the past ten years she has given exactly two interviews. She receives hundreds of inquiries but she refuses. The two interviews that she has done, there have been a reason. She did not want people to see her as a fotbollsfru. She told me about her life, to show who she really is. "

"It was a gamble"

Zlatan to Voetbal International on the project Paris Saint Germain:
"I love what we do here. Within a year, we have managed to give this club an identity. Certainly it was a gamble. Will we get it on the track quickly or will it take a long time, or will it be a disaster There currently can not predict when it comes to such a large project. But I've felt great confidence in the project from day one.Photo: Christian GavellePhoto: Christian Gavelle
I have often read that I did this for the money. Nonsense. I have a lot of money, and also in other clubs I could make lots of money. In Milan I earned as much, and where I had a long contract. I am here because I believe in the PSG and they believe in me. I've been here for almost 18 months and is surprised by how quickly our game has evolved. We play good, successful football, and the management has put together a good team. But unfortunately we are often wrongly compared with Manchester City. It took them three years to qualify for the next round of the Champions League. PSG managed to do it now. And this season, we are again. "

Ibrahimovic: "When I want to scratch when I itch my ass"

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 32, is one of the world's top footballers and today one of Sweden's most beloved persons.
In a major report in Dutch football magazine Voetbal International that aware of tells Zlatan via a large number of images of their own success story, the love of family - and the mighty project Paris Saint-Germain.
Here is an excerpt from the story.
Zlatan to Voetbal International on falsehood and paparazzi photos:
"Paparazzi Pictures., It is also a part of life, but I will not let it ruin my life., I know there are celebrities who stay constantly updated on how they appear on the image. I do not care. If I'm in a picture When I scratch my ass. Okay. Such is me. Whenever I want to scratch when I itch my ass. Or my nose.
I hate falsehood. People who want to control everything. Need to take into account everything you do, ugh. I would never do. But while I can not do everything I'd like to do. Not because I'm afraid of it I do not care about. But I earn a lot of money and is under contract with a club. I have to represent the club in the best possible way and then you have to leave out some things. Alcohol and partying like I did not, so that's good. What I miss is going out on the street without people recognizing me. "

"Then I'd lie"

Zlatan continues:
"Therefore, I am happy that I can go hunting in the summer and hike in the woods outside of Stockholm, or at my friend Daniel Majstorovics island Sometimes we go for a mil per day, with a heavy pack. At one point, we spent a night in a tent when it was 15 degrees below zero. then we went too far, but we do about. Being in nature is wonderful. Elks do not recognize me anyway and I enjoy when there is peace and quiet., I think. Sometimes I think nothing. And no one does anything to me right then.
It does me sometimes but that does not mean I do not like the attention. I'd be lying if I say so. Attention and recognition also provides a certain kind of adrenaline. It affects your status. If a football player says he's never happy when he gives out an autograph, he is a liar. The first time someone asked me for my autograph, I will never forget. It was after a match with Malmo. There were some kids who were waiting at the dressing rooms. I was so proud. "

Wanda gets a tattoo Mauro

Wanda gets a tattoo Mauro - The blonde Argentine could not resist the temptation to show on twitter the heart dedicated to his Icard.
Just as the 'his' Mauro Icard said in an interview does not want to talk about gossip, Wanda Nara never misses an opportunity to emphasize once again his love for the striker. And, of course, choose to do your twitter profile. 

The blonde starlet is now so crush the player that he decided to tattoo his name on her wrist, with a lot of heart to emphasize his feelings. Irresistible temptation to spread on the web the new tattoo, in a tweet related to the phrase "Me from the lo mismo que decir ... It puedan vos sabes la verdad you vos sos mi verdad." That in Italian sounds more or less like "What others say it makes no difference to me, just you if you know the truth, you're my truth." 

Wanda Nara exploits: "I parted from Maxi for his infidelities"

Wanda Nara exploits: "I parted from Maxi for his infidelities." Source:
Following recent rumors about the separation between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez, model and current girlfriend Mauro Icardi exploded and published via Twitter "your" truth about the break with Catania striker.The odd thing is that, although he said at the time that not ever speak ill of Maxi, the beautiful blonde has been comfortable discharging him.
First, he said that the blame for the failure of her marriage was the footballer. "If I have to pay $ 50,000 ready for my ex and a judge, I would leave for personal reasons while I brought my EX!" Wrote Wanda Nara enfadad euphoric. He also assured that Maxi Lopez had been cuckolded her. "My marriage broke up several months ago by repeated infidelities .. Q forgive just for my children. 2 did not need money, "he confessed.
On the other hand, regarding the criticisms made by starting a romance with Mauro Icardi, the tremendous Wanda Nara said the following: "After I separated I can not go back to betting on love? Are you lost life after a failure? I clarify that I left, I was unfaithful. " And it added: "In the media ... I do not need anything d nobody asked anything! But only NADA q divorce forgive me tired .. The kids are another matter. " So it seems that the blonde has not had outspoken to justify the removal ...

Vivian Benítez, or Paraguayan Fernanda Lima

Just under a week after being crowned as the muse of the World in the draw for the group stage, Fernanda Lima they came imitators. It happened this past Thursday at the gala draw for the Libertadores Cup, held in Asunción, during which the presenter Vivian Benítez evoked the beautiful Brazilian.
Paraguayan model, 43, who in 1991 was named as the most beautiful of his country, wore a sequined dress and ample cleavage, who recalled that Fernanda dressed in the finery of the World.
Then began the comparisons in social networks, where the model is already known as the Paraguayan Fernanda Lima. "It was a nice surprise and I'm really enjoying the moment. I received many messages and has been nice to observe the affection of the people, "said it was a semi-finalist in Miss Universe 1991 after being crowned Miss Paraguay.

Charlotte cries for Mou

A while ago fan of Jose Mourinho and Chelsea was declared. It was good times. Before the Portuguese stop in Madrid and to return to Stamford Bridge. Now, in this second stage with Abramovich, Charlotte Springer has not changed his mind. Keep supporting the 'blues' and, above all, Mou.
But they are not good times for the Portuguese coach. This week has fallen in the League Cup against Sunderland, bottom of the Premier, so Charlotte cries for Mou. Much or more than when the Portuguese lost the first game of the season (the European Super Cup) against Bayern Guardiola. The model known to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to Chelsea.
And in particular, Charlotte is doing swimmingly. Follow the 'top 5' of the favorite British models and is standard of the most important male magazine. Nuts, Loaded or FHM its perched dispute and presents you last. As always, safety pin. And Charlotte is that we spring forward with her topless ...

With Sophia forget Pato Barbara

The duck is immortalized by 'Who' while you enjoy the beach in St. Barth with her new beau. Lady B. is very far.

With Sophia forget Pato Barbara - The Duck is immortalized by 'Who' while you enjoy the beach in St. Barth with her new beau. Lady B. is very far.
Barbara Berlusconi is climbing the corporate hierarchy of AC Milan, meanwhile her ex-boyfriend Pato made merry in St. Barth. 

The Brazilian forward has finally put behind the story with Lady B, which could not be farther than that. The Duck by the end of August is attending Sophia 'Pingo' Mattar, that Barbara has in common the fact of being the daughter of a prominent entrepreneur (in his case it is the Brazilian Salim Mattar). 

The liaison between the two is going very well, as evidenced by the photos posted on Instagram and as he testified 'Who', where the paparazzi have pinched the two lovebirds in a moment of relaxation in the beautiful setting of the French Antilles. And it seems that the former Rossoneri number 7 in the arms of Sophia has discovered a whole new fluency.