Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Romario and her tranny friend

Romario returns to the limelight. But this time, the issue has nothing to do with football or politics, your current occupation. It is an affair in which he has been involved after last Friday was photographed leaving a nightclub holding hands of a transsexual (pictured above).
Annoyed by the information and the picture published by the newspaper Extra, the former player of Barça said on Facebook that "some time I said I respect the staff like anyone does, but reaffirmed that: I like women." On the tranny explained that "his name is Thalita. It's good people, this is my friend and partner, and also some friends ... Surely there will be no marriage. "
According to Extra, the 25 year old brunette is Zampirolli Thalita, who has appeared in various men's magazine photo shoots and has opted to Musa representing the Brasileirao Flamengo in the competition organized by the Globoesporte.com portal. The Extra newspaper even published a montage of photos before and after sex change.
Thalita - before
She has also made statements in connection with the treatment of the news in the press. "I am a woman, I have the female sexual organ and documents as a woman. If he (Romario) says he likes women, I am. I'm a woman and he has left me. He knows I'm a woman, "said Thalita, who declined to elaborate on an alleged affair. "I will not talk about this. Romario is a wonderful person, a friend.Not go into details, "he said.

Alonso woman shows how she breastfeeds her daughter

Nagore Aramburu, Xabi Alonso's wife, has posted on his Instagram a picture in which she is seen breastfeeding her newborn daughter, Emma. "Any Given Sunday" wrote accompanying image.
Thus, Nagore 'reappears' after giving birth last December 2. That day also used the networks to announce the birth of little: "Emma is already with us," he wrote on Twitter.
The baby has become the Alonso large family. The couple already had two children, Jon and Ane, five and three years respectively.
The curious fact that Xabi and Nagore decided not to name Emma born is given. It is the same that will Carles Puyol and Vanesa Lorenzo, who have not yet decided the name of his future daughter and waiting "to see his face."

'A Little Princess' denies being pregnant Kun Agüero

Kun Aguero girlfriend, singer Karina Tejeda, has denied rumors of a possible pregnancy Argentine striker.
"I do not mind the pregnancy rumors, I take it in stride. It would be exhausting for me to have to clarify what is being said. I prefer that over time show that the things said were true or not. I'm not pregnant, I laugh and makes me sick, "said the 'princess' for the delivery of the Gardel Awards.
On his relationship with Kun said that "it is fine, thank God. Him there and here. I travel a lot and he comes. We try to see each other as much as we can, "Karina, who did not comment on the appalling relations with the Maradona family said. Recall that Kun has a son, Benjamin, with Giannina, the daughter of 'fluff'.

Sara Carbonero is already low

Sara Carbonero is already low. Source: ustedpregunta.com
Five months ago that confirmed pregnancy of Sara Carbonero . And from then until now, the girlfriend of Iker Casillas has continued presenting the Telecinco's sports in front of the camera, but the reporter has already decided ordered to face down the last days of her pregnancy without any stress.
Indeed, the countdown has already begun for the beautiful Sara Carbonero, which will account between the end of this month of December and early January. She said it would continue to work until the body (and the doctor allows it) and since yesterday resting at home until the day I finally touch you give birth.
Note that the journalist has been working at full capacity until the day of his temporary withdrawal, since not only presented the sports news program, but has even participated in the event of lingerie firm of which he is in. and has even gone out to eat with Iker Casillas in the last days. Thus, the anxious waiting for Sara Carbonero and Real Madrid goalkeeper is about to come to an end ...

Romario clarifies controversy involving transsexual

Thalita girlfriend Romario (Reuters)
The congressman Romario used their social network profiles to clarify rumors evolving former striker and a friend who accompanied him in a nightclub in the Barra da Tijuca, last Friday, who ranked as transgender. The attacker reaffirmed and clarified woman like that Thalita Zampirolli, transsexual born as Julio Campos, it's just a friend.
- Good morning, guys Next, binds this issue here. According to this picture, are putting more into my account, only this time a transgender. Her name is Tracey, good people, good blood, even is my buddy, my partner and also some of my friends. Now, as the world knows, my news, depending on the goal, viewed soap opera or sitcom. We will monitor to see how many chapters this end and, most importantly, how it will end. Surely, folks, marriage will not roll ... kkkk Some time ago, said about the personal tastes of anyone, but I repeat: I like women! After politics, I bothering, but'm really too much. I am not a candidate for major office not seen! Neither the President nor Governor. I keep doing the things I do, going to night, throwing my naked, my foot volleyball, going to the beach. Happy just like, nothing changes. Vlw! - Wrote the attacker on Facebook and Twitter.

Michael Jordan Mansion Auction fails..... again

As great as Michael Jordan was at basketball ... is how much he sucks at real estate -- 'cause, once again, no one was willing to poney up the dough at an auction for his mega-mansion ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The 7-acre Chicago compound would've gone to literally anyone willing to shell out $13 mil at today's auction ... but yet again, there were no takers on the property.

We've covered the entire saga of MJ's real estate nightmare -- he yanked the house off the auction block at the last second on Nov. 22 ... in hopes of selling it today, but no dice. 

A rep for Jordan tells us they'll make a third attempt to unload the property next year.

Vargas and Juan Lozano Tilsa gather to party New Year

Juan Vargas y Tilsa Lozano se juntan para fiesta de fin de año [VIDEO]
Snowmen Star Fiorentina and model known as the "tail" is selling like hot cakes in our city shops. Women bear the piñata's "Crazy" to burn to year.
Despite already separated, the New Year's holiday back together. Piñatas Juan Vargas, Fiorentina player Tilsa Italy and Lozano, one of the most desirable models of our country, are the most requested in stores piñatería for burning at the end of the year party.
By popular "Loco" it offered short dress with the characteristic color of Fiorentina and number 66, while the "tail" in very tiny clothes where you can see his butt prominent.

Together with his son: Bendtner 'giving love'

Nicklas Bendtner celebrates three birthday with his son.

See the photos
Nicklas Bendtner has previously said he would like to spend more time with her son, Nicholas.
They were certainly together Monday and son celebrated three birthday.
It shows Nicklas Bendtnter on a strip of pictures on Instagram,
'Three years ago, there was this lovely miracle. Birthday on the good old fashioned way. Hot chocolate, homemade buns and lots of love, 'writes Nicklas Bendtner to the pictures.
In a great interview with Berlingske earlier this fall told Nicklas Bendtner that he felt that he saw his son enough. He is no longer with the mother, Caroline Fleming.

Among other things, the Danish Arsenal striker not want Nicholas to stay overnight, he said.
- It makes me sad, because I'm ready, and that he is ready.There is nothing that stands in the way of it - nothing out of Caroline, said Nicklas Bendtner Berlingske.
He also told the newspaper:
- It hurts every time I need to get rid of him. Also at him. I can see it in the way he looks at me when we wave goodbye.