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CR7: "Irina Shayk is my ideal woman"

CR7: "Irina Shayk is my ideal woman." Source:
While the beautiful Irina Shayk does not usually have too many problems to discuss her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, the truth is that Real Madrid striker has more repairs to make evaluations publicly about her romance with model. However, in an interview with French newspaper L'Equipe, the Portuguese has answered some other question about his girl.
And that is when he was asked about the perfect woman, Cristiano Ronaldo did not hesitate to respond that it was Irina Shayk own: "Who would be my ideal girl '? My girlfriend! She has everything I look for in a woman. An exceptional body and beauty. Irina is very important in my life and very supportive, "said the Portuguese striker.
In addition, he also appreciated the possibility of launching a lingerie line for women as it has done with his own brand of underwear. And in this sense, it would have confessed that the tremendous Irina Shayk could be its flagship model: "If Irina would be the star of the ad campaign? Why not? Never say never, "said CR7. And finally, recalled that among its fleet of cars has "a Bentley, two Ferraris, an Audi, a Porsche, a Maserati, a Lamborghini and a more car. I love them. "

Yolanthe conquest Turkey

Sneijder's wife has convinced even the most skeptical fans.

Yolanthe conquest Turkey - The wife of Sneijder has convinced even the most skeptical fans.
Wes eliminates Juve from the Champions League, and Yolanthe Cabau conquest Turkey. Gone are the days of sexy videos that had shocked the fans of Galatasaray in Istanbul at the beginning of the adventure of the former Inter Sneijder.
For some time the relations between the supporters of the Charity and the wife of national oranje had improved, the final push came with the exultation of Yolanthe goal of her husband to Juventus: "Proud of my Wes," the actress tweeted happy, Sneijder also posting a picture of a lion (symbol of the club turkish) on his shoulders.
Cabau always had kind words towards Turkey: "I have set, I am very well in Istanbul." Peace made

What sings Gerard Pique your child at bedtime?

Every night, the couple heard Shakira sings to a significant Milan his little song. It passed from generation to generation becoming a tradition. What is it?
In a note to the "club magazine", Gerard Piqué said that he wants to convey his love for Milan football club, Barcelona: "Every night I sing the hymn of Barça to Milan, because it's the only song I know whole."
The player and his family in their blood love the Blaugrana as they are four generations of partners, through the work of his grandfather, Amador Bernabeu. And now I want to instill Pique your child.

Real Madrid players gather at celebratory Christmas lunch

The Real Madrid on Monday promoted his traditional Christmas lunch. The celebration brought together athletes from football and basketball club. Representative of the Brazilian team merengue cast, Marcelo revealed at the event great friendship with the newly hired Gareth Bale, who did not become unglued in celebration.
On its official Facebook page, Real Madrid released photos of the lunch.

Girlfriend CR7 new museum honors the attacker

The model Irina Shayk, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Europe after doing work in New York and went straight to Funchal, Madeira Island, the land where the Portuguese playmaker was born. The muse was honoring the new CR7 Museum, built by the Real Madrid striker named itself. The model even took a picture kissing a wax statue of her boyfriend.
(Photo: Playback / Instagram)

(Photo: Playback / Instagram)

'Missing bit'! Ronaldinho calls for positive energies to debut in World

In Morocco with Atletico-MG, Ronaldinho did not hide his anxiety with proximity to debut at the Club World Cup. On Monday, midfielder posted a picture on his social network asking 'positive energy' the Twisted Rooster.
- You're missing some for our debut! Send lots of positive energy for us! Thanks! - Wrote.
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hey can stop any game! Women's whistle ...

As mulheres começam a dominar o mundo da arbitragem (foto D.R.)
The traditions of earlier times, which limited women's participation in different sports, are no longer what they were. Far from it. Prejudices were toppled over the past few years. One of the largest outbreaks of change is precisely the arbitration. A class that often becomes the main figure of a game, not always for the best reasons. 
Well, women these days, in many cases, already lead to arbitration as a serious matter. It is true that Portugal is still a growing phenomenon, but in other countries, such as Brazil, there are many ways in which it is they who rule ... 
The phenomenon has grown and has even launched a new line of clothing for referees ... 

Melissa in the kitchen with the belly

Kevin Prince Boateng posted a photo of his girlfriend, in her fifth month of pregnancy.

Melissa in the kitchen with the belly - Kevin Prince Boateng posted a photo of his girlfriend, in her fifth month of pregnancy.
Kevin Prince Boateng has posted on Twitter a photo of Melissa Satta, five months pregnant. 

The former tissue appears behind the kitchen counter, with her friend Simona Salvemini and a boy in the kitchen sink. 

It is not known whether this is the house where Vivino to Dusseldorf or that newly purchased in Milan's Porta Venezia. 

Balo is tinged ... eyes

The AC Milan striker puts on a pair of blue contact lenses and sports on Twitter.

Balo is tinged ... eyes - The AC Milan striker puts on a pair of blue contact lenses and sports on Twitter.
ther posts joker Mario Balotelli on Twitter never ceases to entertain his fans.
Finished the workout Friday, the AC Milan striker and Italian National has put a pair of blue contact lenses and you are done capturing so, posting the photo on his favorite social network.
"What do you think? Ah, ah, ah ...," he wrote to his followers.