Saturday, 14 December 2013

Catalan origin and unfit on Iranian TV

Sympathy and Fernanda Lima beauty captivated the world in the World Cup draw. Soon been forgotten its controversial choice which we explain elbaló properly anticipating most national media.
Since then it has enjoyed almost everything about Fernanda Lima. Model, actress and journalist, 36, has twin sons from her marriage to actor Rodrigo Gilbert (beside which presented the gala) and with which staged a torrid video these days has become viral on the net and also could see in this website.
However, the journal 'Reading' has unveiled a new curious detail about it. And Fernanda's grandfather was neither more nor less than a Catalan immigrant born in Palamos, Girona town that she can see when and which ensures feel "at home".
Fernanda Catalan grandfather married a guitar teacher and settled in Porto Alegre where the presenter raised. His parents were physical education teachers and the father, who was also a professional basketball player, today is dedicated to expertise.
What's more, the Brazilian media have also explained that the draw ceremony caused a stir in Iran.The television which broadcast the gala dodged the planes in which Fernanda out, but as it was impossible to 'delete' during the draw eventually interrupt transmission. Your generous cleavage was not suitable or pleasing in Iran ...

Increases rumors about another pregnancy Shakira

Last week we told you that the portal 'Univision' had launched the rumor that Shakira might be expecting her second child with Gerard Pique. Speculations were that the singer had refused to participate in the Festival of Viña del Mar, Chile.
Shakira canceled and many of his performances in the early months of pregnancy and the rumor mill Milan stated that history was repeating itself. Now, however, another circumstance has caused suspicion of the new pregnancy Colombian singer redoubling.
And some media were observed with magnifying an image in which Shakira wears a shirt with transparencies, at the airport in Barcelona, ​​before catching a plane to Los Angeles, and have ensured that looked tummy.
The couple remains silent on the matter, while many Spanish media have echoed what we advance here a week ago. Time will or remove reasons.

Nereida, a sexy 'Mother Christmas'

Nereida Gallardo had a bit left to their followers on Twitter, which are legion, and among which we include us, but has since returned and made it hard.
Taking advantage of the proximity of the holidays, the Mallorcan, who was a girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, has delighted us with some sexy photos dressed as Mrs. Claus.
Nereida, always very generous, has also presented us with some very evocative images that we wish you happy holidays. The model announced that Dubai waiting and accompanies the photos with some fun as reflective as aphorisms.
"I want to lose weight as quickly as I lose my patience and faith in people," says one of them. In another, Nereid wrote: "Woman: Never cry for an asshole that is worth less than your mascara"
And there are more, many more like: "I learned to be strong when I realized that no one would help me up."Or, "Smart Women open their mind, easy, legs, sentimental, heart and open their wallets ugly"; Nereida dixit ...

Fernanda Lima, the muse of the World sweepstakes, like you've never seen ...

Fernanda Lima já participou em alguns ensaios mais ousados (foto D.R.)
Many millions of people scattered throughout the world, were on Friday concentrated on the draw of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The huge audience on all televisions not only extinguished the draw itself. The beauty and sensuality of Fernanda Lima, Brazilian supermodel, focused almost all eyes. It was she who led almost the entire ceremony hard to forget ... 
After all who is Fernanda Lima? Actress, model, 36, mother of twins, mediatizou with the participation of several soap operas and Brazilian long films. The choice to be a presenter, but generated some controversy, as initially Camila Pitanga and her husband Lázaro Ramos, were on the list. Well, but it was Fernanda Lima to occupy one of the most prestigious functions of a career. 
Fernanda, Brazilian muse, downplayed the controversy. "They had called me for this job six months ago and I accepted. I have nothing to do with this controversy, "he said. 
Now with all outdated, it is time to appreciate the sensuality of this mannequin is engraved in the eyes of the whole world. Just a brief look through some photo shoots to justify all this media attention ...