Thursday, 12 December 2013

Topless protest against FIFA

Just as VIDEO coach Giovanni Trapattoni, the Italian had reconciled with the German former football player Thomas Strunz after an old "feud" was their live TV performance disrupted by two topless Femen-activists. Who had their breasts painted with footballs and questioned the choice of Qatar to host FIFA for the 2022 World Cup to the jaw.
Just to refresh your memory: Strunz was the player who Trapattoni completely pulled through the mud during a legendary tantrum at a press conference

"What does he do Strunz?" Crossed ladder when his temperamental style of shore. Then a furious tirade of abuse in an eclectic mix of German and Italian who went around the world. Fifteen years later were Thomas Strunz (45) and the now 74-year-old Italian coach together in the popular talk show on ZDF 'Markus Lanz'.

Just when everything seemed peis and harmony, stormed two activists of Femen topless on the stage of the talk show. They shouted slogans against FIFA and the respect of human rights in Qatar. That oil is the 2022 World Cup was awarded, but is now under heavy fire, partly because of the appalling working conditions. .

Argentine Group launches song 'Ballad of Neymar Jr.' to honor the ace

neymar_michael j
The "Banda del Tigre Ariel", formed by the Brazilian and the Argentine Javier Renaud Cristian Baquero and Oscar Zarate, launched last Wednesday the song 'Ballad of Neymar Jr.' to honor the star of Barcelona and the Brazilian national team. It pays to know the new hit of the Argentine group:

Justice: Pele will have to pay pension to two grandchildren

Pele will have to pay pension to two grandchildren. This was the court's decision that came out on Wednesday. Octavian, aged 15, and Gabriel, 13, are sons of former councilwoman Sandra Regina Arantes do Nascimento Felinto Machado, who tried for years to prove that the former player was his father. The boys' mother died in 2006 a victim of breast cancer.
According to the columnist of Folha de São Paulo Monica Bergamo, the eternal idol Santos will have to pay the monthly amount of R $ 4,746 for each child. The lawyers argued that the grandchildren of Pelé had no financial or buying better or feed themselves adequately clothing conditions.
Also according to the column, the case was reviewed by three judges. One of them voted against the board because he said that the money order is not destined for the subsistence of the grandchildren, but the improvement of their social conditions.

Eto'o big car displays on social network
The Cameroon striker Eto'o displayed on Instagram your favorite toy. In his account on the social network, the Chelsea player published two pictures of their Aston Martin One 77 along with the famous phrase: 'No pain, no gain'.
- No pain, no gain. Work hard and play even harder One77 # # # passion # AstonMartin car - wrote.

Zaira Nara in crisis: "Thank God appeared Nazarene family problems because destabilize me"

The sister of Wanda Nara puts his energies at work as an escape route to personal conflicts that cross their loved ones. "This work is my ground wire because they are close to my family and these issues affect me very much."
In "Relentless" Zaira said the proposal to join Nazarene Vélez "Los Locos Grimaldi"this season came at the right time. "Thank God appeared Nazarene with a lot of work because I destabilize me a lot of family problems.'s Not all smiles, oy s very close to my family."
On the separation of their parents, Zaira was sincere: "L as separations hurt ... especially if they spend many years together."

A blackout powdered armored Forlán wedding

Diego Cardoso forlán and Peace were married Wednesday at the church in such a simple ceremony and reinforced to avoid any guest mole-intimacies leaked to the press and also for security reasons.
During the religious ceremony could barely see the player or Sebastian Bauza D'Alessandro, president of the Uruguayan Federation, among the most famous guests. They witnessed how Forlán was thrilled to read the vows.
Also, the couple met in an unexpected form of blackout, which paralyzed the ceremony for a few minutes it did insportables for all attendees.
The whole ceremony was controlled by a comprehensive security service and plainclothes policemen who controlled slinks anyone nor take no guest hidden cameras or phones. The invitations were numbered and barcoded. to prevent forgeries.
After the wedding, a grand banquet was held at the Fifth Villa Domus, located near the airport of Montevideo. Forlan and cardoso Paz and were married in a civil ceremony on July 2 at the home of the bride's parents.

Icard and Wanda tell all

"I confessed everything to Maxi," says a magazine Argentine striker Inter. "He fought for me," adds the soubrette.

Icard and Wanda tell all - I confessed everything to Maxi, revealed to a magazine Argentine striker Inter. He fought for me, adds the soubrette.

Certainly can not say that Mauro Icard and Wanda Nara compose a couple jealous of their privacy. 

The two wanted to tell their truth in an interview published in the Argentine magazine 'Caras'. "I asked Maxi Lopez if they were separated, and I confessed that I was in love with her. Very simple," said the striker. Which also refutes those who claim to have received harsh criticism from teammates Inter. "There are rumors that at the same time make me smile and angry - he added -. Indeed, I am very grateful to all for the love and the respect that they showed me. I have told all of my love for Wanda and nobody put me in cross.'m honest and loyal and all have appreciated. " 

"You can not convict someone of his feelings, you can not decide who to fall in love," he said Icard a river in flood, who also thanked the captain for his support, "Zanetti is an example, a gentleman. E 'always been close to me and Wanda, gave us useful advice. I hope to learn a lot from him. " 

More and more in love with the blonde showgirl, in the same interview that did not fail to rimarcarlo: "Mauro is amazing, for me it has done things that no man has ever done. I have three children and he fought for me, has turned against Maxi and then she found the courage to declare. want to spend the holidays with him, then I think I'll go back to Milan and I will dwell there. " 

"I've got it already. And you?", He tweeted, posting an image of the cover of the magazine. In which, needless to say, is immortalized in yet another sexy photo.

The Inter Belen meets Zanetti

It 'happened at a charity event sponsored by the Inter captain. So says the starlets of cheer.

The Inter Belen meets Zanetti - It 's place in a charity event sponsored by the Inter captain. So says the starlets of cheer.
There are two Argentines who found fame in Italy, but most of it could not be different. At least in appearance. Instead, they met at a charity event. This is Javier Zanetti and Belen, both present at the 'Gentleman Christmas Gala for Pupi', an event sponsored by the captain and which aims to raise funds in support of children. 

At the Grand Melia Hotel in Milan Moratti Bedy and some of the companions of the historic Inter captain Rodrigo Palacio, Alvaro Pereira and goalkeeper Carrizo. But a surprise was the presence of many famous showgirl, accompanied by her husband Stefano De Martino. 

Belen had already declared recently in 'A Day to Ewe' to be a strong supporter of the Beloved, because of the strong presence of his compatriots in the team. Among the most admired players just Javier Zanetti, who posed for photographers in the company of the soubrette, pace of his wife Paula. 

Szczesny, love pop

"... Happy with Marina Luczenko", so the keeper has announced the relationship with the Polish star.

Szczesny, love pop - Happy ... with Marina Luczenko, so the keeper has announced the relationship with the Polish star.
And 'love between Wojciech Szczesny and Marina Luczenko.
As in the best traditions of gossip - from Beckham and former Spice Girls Victoria Adam the couple broke out between Cheryl and Ashley Cole - football player and singer end up together. Beautiful outlet of the goalkeeper, who got their hands on the provocative pop star in Poland.
"... Happy with Marina Luczenko," the eloquent message posted on Facebook by the 23 year-old Arsenal to comment on a photo that sees him embracing his countryman, who tries his hand also on the catwalks and on the big screen.
To approve the report of two other prominent Poles: Robert Lewandowski and Kuba Blaszczykowski that Dortmund have sent their 'like' with a click.

Malika, the miss that 'stung' Ibra with Blanc

New 'zlatanada' Ibrahimovic. This time off the field. PSG striker was 'stung' with his coach, Laurent Blanc, to capture the attention of Malika Menard, one journalist exMiss France in 2010, he was interviewing for a French television.
It happened quietly while Blanc was answering questions from Malika. Suddenly, Ibra showed up in the studio where the interview was being recorded for 'Paris, Le Club' program. The coach, he realized, was on guard and Zlatan, with humor, he snapped, "and I have to talk to Al Jazeera ....", arousing laughter from the audience. Blanc, quick reflexes, Malika went to him and said, "if you ask for an interview, I'll grant you safe" ...
And who does not! Because the truth is that Malika Menard was something Miss France in 2010.Do not miss the photos of Miss reporter that caused the 'pique' between Ibra and Blanc.

Has he been the inspiration for Roberto against Benfica?

Marta Dominguez e Roberto Jiménez, um casal mediático em Espanha (foto D.R.)
Marta Dominguez Gonzalez. On departure the name bit more attentive fans will say to the world of sport. But if we told you that this beautiful Spanish mannequin, a native of Tenerife, is the great love of Robert, keeper who has left many memories in Benfica, as will become identified.Well, Marta is married since June 2011 with the now Olympiakos player, and one of the faces present whenever Roberto is in competition. 
Thus in the light, and now in Madrid in Athens. Miss Tenerife, candidate for Miss Spain, sacrificed much of her career to stand next to your better half. She said that, in addition to several photo shoots huge success, also displays musical skills, being chosen to lead singer in several bands as Olé Olé, coming, moreover, to launch some edits to disk and appearances on Spanish television. 
Currently lives in Greece with Roberto, mother of two and an adept social networking where you can find some pictures which are almost always accompanied by Roberto goalkeeper already this season was decisive for the Greek team to victory over Benfica in the Liga Champions.