Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Paraguay Larissa Riquelme is not only. There Viviana Figueredo!

Viviana Figueredo, uma musa paraguaia (foto D.R.)
Viviana Figueredo is proof that in Paraguay there are not only quality players. But not only.Female beauty is not confined to media Larissa Riquelme, a model who is mediatizou after a few appearances in games squad. Viviana emerged even before Larissa and is one of the most recognized models in the country where he plays Cardozo. 
Usual presence in various photo shoots huge success, the dummy has won several beauty contests. More? It is a fanatical supporter of Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. A passion that has led her to make a very bold test appearances for Madrid club. Born in Asunción, Viviana, who in his country cheered on Olympia, does not even like to be associated with Larissa Riquelme. 
"I have enough on my own to highlight attributes. I do not need to be the new Larissa. I consider myself only. I'm all for designing anywhere without the need to compare myself to anyone. Larissa had his moment, and this is mine, "the model said recently in an interview to a magazine Paraguay. 

Someone paid to watch a football match these?

Um jogo de futebol bem diferente do habitual... (foto D.R.)
The site Fantastic Sport united two of the great passions of Brazilians: beautiful women and football. The candidates for Miss Butt in 2013 joined in Lapa, west of the city of São Paulo, for a game of football different from usual. Lizy Sampaio, Dai Macedo, Ro Fraga, Juliana Guerin, Eliana Amaral, Ellen Santana, Patricia Sarquis, CIDA Alves, Mari Souza and Christiane Guimma were some of the protagonists of this game where they actually have shown great qualities to practice football. 
Although there were some exceptions, it is no less true that this game, away from the usual poses, eventually accentuate some female defects, such as ... cellulite. Andressa Urach, prestigious model, was the referee of the meeting in which the image of many private games, the result was what mattered less ... 

Vanesa Carbone, the beauty who said 'no' to Maxi Lopez

Vanesa Carbone, the beauty who said 'no' to Maxi Lopez. Source:
While Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi continue with its peculiar and controversial love story, eyes are now focused on Maxi Lopez, since they have started to spread some dirty laundry of the current player of Catania which could have been crucial to that certify their separation of the blonde model.
It is a veddette by the name Vanessa Carbone has now admitted that self Maxi Lopez would have tried something with her while she was with Wanda Nara. As Argentina model ensures the aforementioned, the player did not achieve its purpose, but wanted to let on that he has been unfaithful to his wife is still by law.
"Maxi Lopez said that Wanda has no codes, but he also had them with Wanda," said Vanesa Carbone explosive. And he also explained that ignored him at any time out of respect for Wanda. "Being with her boyfriend, MTV interviewed him on the phone and asked my producer. Wanda and I knew I did not want problems, so never attended. I know looking for someone to be outside, "said the star magazine 'Weekly'.

Wanda's bewilderment: "I was surprised that he put me Maxi legal muzzle and then greeted me for my birthday"

The blonde challenged the Justice and spoke "AM" on the crazy judicial measure that prevents him from speaking publicly about herself. In addition, shoot: "A credit card does not change me life," Listen to what I said..

Diego Forlan married for Church

Diego Forlán y Paz Cardoso.
After his shocking separation of Zaira Nara, who was about to get married and broke their engagement, footballer Diego Forlan rebuilt her life with the Uruguayan model Paz Cardoso.
After two years together, they married in his native country.
They were married in the parish of St. Joseph of the Mountain at 21. Then, the celebration was held at Villa Domus a ballroom that, as presented on their website with pool, wooded park, barbeque and a private room with en suite, exclusively for the bride. There were 450 guests.
The bride wore a silk tulle dress natural, brought from Europe and Forlán wore a jacket

Luiza Brunet reveals xavecada Pele before the king's affair with Xuxa

In his newly released biography, the model Luiza Brunet revealed another episode of the philandering Pele 80. The heartthrob alongside King became famous for "conquest" of Xuxa, but Brunet recalled who was also on the radar playmaker. In the chapter devoted to girlfriend Xuxa, the model detailed the case.
- In December 1980, we made ​​a cover for the magazine headline with two other models - all dressed in gold - and Pele amongst us, the tuxedo. He was already king, and were well animated to meet you.In the range of clicks, approached. 'Luiza, you have to compromise for tonight?' Looked around, hoping to get another Luiza there. It was the same with me. I was embarrassed, looked away and was sincere: 'Yes, I do. I'll make dinner for my husband. ' He laughed and amended first, without missing a beat: "Good dinner, beautiful" - reminded Luiza.
About the history, biography yet brings the admiration of Luiza passion girlfriend by King:
- The next carnival, when fotografávamos beach, Xuxa told me he was in love with none other than Pele Yes, the two were dating. What she is feeling?, I wondered. How is the passion? I loved my husband, but that being with shining eyes and laugh for nothing I had ever experienced.
(Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Adriano continues strong to regain form at Atletico-PR

Seeking his return to the pitch, Hadrian, Emperor, following the training routine at Atletico-PR. The striker completed a week in the city of Curitiba. Adriano, who has no contract with Flamengo Paraná - but can make a deal for the 2014 season - posted a photo on your Facebook profile, on Wednesday morning, lifting weights in the club facilities.
"Starting to get serious" - said Adriano profile.

Brazilian referee is vice Mister contest in Bulgaria

Divulgação/Mister Brasil
The Gaucho Douglas Schwengber referee took second place in the contest Best Model Of The World, held in the city of Sofia, in Bulgaria. This is the best position for a Brazilian in the history of the competition, considered one of the leading beauty contests in the world. Born in Porto Alegre, the model had represented the contest Mister Tocantins in Brazil 2013 and April this year when he took fifth place overall.