Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wanda at war with the party-loving Maxi

This week in Soon Magazine: Wanda at war with the Maxi-loving party girl. Who is responsible for breaking the marriage López - Nara?
Two years Wanda was fighting the seductive Jessica Vella Botinera going by her husband Maxi Lopez until tired and allowed love with Mauro Icardi. Today turns 27 amid a contentious divorce and cut off credit cards.

Wanda will stop the mouths: "I can not give ratings, I can not talk about anything"

Wanda Nara y Mauro Icardi
The model attempts to respect the legal action filed by the attorney for Maxi Lopezwho, in an attempt to curb the mediation of divorce, forcing silence. However, in a brief casual conversation with Angel Brito, said much more than expected ...
Under the guise of greeting for his birthday, the reporter contacted Live with Wanda and aired. There, the model tried to say as little as possible but finally said much of what was silent. "Mauro called me, yes, like the friends who are in Italy. Were the first to greet me because of the time difference."
Asked about his "courtship" with the player, but also said she refused: "I can not take notes, I can not talk about anything, not even me." Thus, the statements he made in a news magazine, about the relationship is starting to Icardi ratified.
"The greeting of the kids was the cutest greeting. At 6 am, I got up to have breakfast with Valentino and then came Benchu ​​Constantino" he said.

Grace Elizabeth The Gregoraci bares

"I could choose between lots of suitors: businessmen, football players, young and beautiful," tells the companion of Briatore.

The Gregoraci bares - I could choose between lots of suitors: businessmen, football players, young and beautiful, tells his partner Briatore.
"Grace", Elisabetta Gregoraci, Flavio Briatore's girlfriend, he explained why he decided to opt for just the manager of Piedmont. 

"I could choose between lots of suitors: businessmen, football players, young and beautiful. Flavio In've found a man who can protect me, to teach me something. I chose with my head, nothing more than a football player. But I must say that he is lucky Why do ... I was close, keeping hard, I gave up so many things for him. And I've always chosen our family, with all that that entails, "was keen to stress. 

The life of a so-called VIP is not all roses, however. "I would not be paparazzi in sight. I would not be stabbed by the gossip. I want to be free to feel good or bad, as it seems to me ...", he finally complained about the beautiful Calabria. 

Vanesa the temptation to Maxi

The saga of breaking Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara continues for long. Now a full day of love with Mauro Icardi model, the Maxi examigo former teammate and now are discovered her 'sins' to also former player of Barça.
And Argentina is a known star, Vanessa Carbone, just confessed to the press in his country, while still boyfriend of Wanda, Maxi ligársela tried. She says she did not, but revealed the story of the approach of the player, who did not leave in a good place and that 'sotto voce' is being more or less accused of being a 'serial cheating'.
"Maxi Lopez said that Wanda has no codes, but he also had them with Wanda," said Vanessa. And to prove it added: "While dating her, I interviewed on MTV and asked for the phone to my producer. Wanda and I knew I did not want problems, so never attended. I know looking for someone to be outside, "said the star weekly magazine.
It is seen, therefore, that Vanessa was a temptation for Maxi. We leave you with the gallery vedette that since this was released in 2006 has gone under the knife several times as comprobaréis ...

The sisters continue to create confusion Villas Boas

villas-boas sisters
We told you about a couple of years running internet misinformation into alleged e André Villas Boas sisters, the current coach of Tottenham ago.
Well, lest you duped, insisted: Simone and Diana Villas Boas exist and are sisters, but Andre Villas Boas. In addition, they, who serve as models of category, are Brazilian (Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil) while the coach was born in Oporto (Portugal).
No unites them, therefore, no family ties, but as the network is contrasted little or no information and a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth, there are always suckers that bite and swallow history periodically.
That's what has happened to some clever, without any shame, have been inspired by the theme of this website and copied over our name: also they have screwed up the background with Villas Boas, which presented as Portuguese family secret. Nothing is further from reality ...
In its day, The Sun unveiled the Villas Boas in England and did so with rigor and humor, as Abramovich said that he was wrong to sign the Portuguese for Chelsea and not Brazilian models.

Di Stéfano's girlfriend disappears map

Di Stéfano's girlfriend is missing according to the ABC newspaper, calling his mysterious disappearance. Starting in June warned the Honorary President of Real Madrid to go for it or leave Spain, Gina Gonzalez has disappeared from the map.
"Alfredo is the one to get me. You have to make a move. I alone can not fight for this, "Gina told.Soon after, the earth swallowed Costa Rica.
Everything happened seven months after Alfredo Di Stefano (87 years) announced their intention to marry Gina Gonzalez (36), in an interview with the newspaper El Mundo.
That statement was the fuse of war between bride 'blond bolt' and their children, who disagreed with her intentions.
The case went to court and since then, the children of Di Stéfano he took over as Gina described as "kidnapping."
Now, explains 'ABC', nor his former attorney, Victoria Ortuño, nor the current lawyer, Marcos García Montes, know nothing Bride Di Stéfano. "I try to locate by other means because your phone is not working," said the latter.

Fico: "Balotelli is a liar"

"He said he wanted a DNA test? My lawyers have called three times and he has never presented."

Fico Balotelli is a liar - says she wanted a DNA test? My lawyers have called three times and he has never presented.
Raffaella Fico is back to talk to the soap opera linked to the paternity of Pia: "Balotelli wants a DNA test? My lawyers have called three times and he has never been presented. 'S just a liar." 

"Mario says that I made inquiries from emir, but they are stupid. Infangarmi and just wants me to go for one that asks for money. Did not want to be a father", countercharges of Neapolitan showgirl, speaking on "Sunday Live". 

Siffredi assists Silvio

"My dream is to make a film with Berlusconi", tells the pornographic actor.

Siffredi assists Silvio - My dream is to make a film with Berlusconi, tells the pornographic actor.
Rocco Siffredi do not turn your back on Silvio Berlusconi. "My dream is to make a film with him, we could call it 'The Persuaders' - said the pornographic actor talking to some journalists -. Actresses? Parterre of the PDL is scary, but the cast also put other policy: we will take care to give a 'raddrizzatina' to these policies that pretend to make good policies. Others who bunga-bunga. "
Siffredi gives the president of AC Milan the choice of location. "We could turn Arcore or Budapest from me - he added -. Arcore But should brush ...".

Rafael and Sabia suits wire slowly on

After the tragic loss of their daughter attempt to address the wire. Slowly on Rafael van der Vaart and Sabia Engizek The footballer is at least back to coaching beaten at HSV. This past weekend, he was still free of the German club with his new girlfriend to handle. Suffering around the miscarriage
"It's good to be on the field again," said Van der Vaart. "That still resistance you back your mind. That helps me." The player worked Monday mostly alone at his fitness.

For Sabia it was the second time that she had a miscarriage. In 2008 she gave birth three months prematurely to a daughter, who died shortly after birth. That child was her then husband Khalid Boulahrouz.