Monday, 9 December 2013

Wanda, bluntly: "That life the curse if you do not want to see me"

Wanda y Mauro
Maxi Lopez's ex is willing to move on with your life without looking back. Therefore, when referring to the supposed new relationship with Mauro Acardi, going ahead with everything, as demonstrated in its latest posts.
The Twitter account has become the main tool in expressing what happens in his personal life. From there, responds reviews and sends messages to whom, by this time, is emerging as his new love.
"Because in love there is no precise age or an economy for two to want, our love is not a hobby (...) life the curse if you do not want to see me ..." he wrote.
"Many times, we try to love a thousand times to save all ... maybe just have to look good and clear the tears that we can not see ...".
While at first it seemed that Wanda and Maxi could reach a new opportunity to give your partner, now things present a different scenario in which the blonde could look for love in other arms.

Shocking! The new body of Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona
Dalma Maradona used the social network to leave a mensale full of love for his father, along with a photograph allowed to see the new fitness of Diego. With a toned body, Maradona lives a great present. In. Here ... Fact or Fiction?

Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha new break ...?

Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha new break ...? Source:
As you know, the relationship that both Mario Balotelli and beautiful Fanny Neguesha has been quite stormy, as he has had too many ups and downs in no time. In fact, they have not even completed one year relationship and have broken up their romance on a couple of occasions. Well ... it seems that the couple have returned to terminate their relationship.
This was announced from Italy journalist Silvia Toffanin that reported in the transalpine television would have been self Fanny Neguesha which would cut the player of Milan, since he could not stand the pressure that has been submitted by the media.
It turns out that Mario Balotelli is also going through a very delicate because of the hype that is generated around his alleged paternity personal moment. In this sense, the journalist Silvia Toffanin own live read a letter that the player would have written in announcing that "I do not know if Pia is my daughter, but if so I'm ready to do my duty. I have often thought to meet you, but do not know whether it is right for her. " To this he added that "children should not be disappointed by adults who then disappear, I know from experience."

Vanesa the temptation to Maxi

The saga of breaking Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara continues for long. Now a full day of love with Mauro Icardi model, the Maxi examigo former teammate and now are discovered her 'sins' to also former player of Barça.
And Argentina is a known star, Vanessa Carbone, just confessed to the press in his country, while still boyfriend of Wanda, Maxi ligársela tried. She says she did not, but revealed the story of the approach of the player, who did not leave in a good place and that 'sotto voce' is being more or less accused of being a 'serial cheating'.
"Maxi Lopez said that Wanda has no codes, but he also had them with Wanda," said Vanessa. And to prove it added: "While dating her, I interviewed on MTV and asked for the phone to my producer. Wanda and I knew I did not want problems, so never attended. I know looking for someone to be outside, "said the star weekly magazine.
It is seen, therefore, that Vanessa was a temptation for Maxi. We leave you with the gallery vedette that since this was released in 2006 has gone under the knife several times as comprobaréis ...