Sunday, 8 December 2013

Raffaella Fico, Balotelli's ex in leather

Raffaella Fico, Balotelli's ex, naked. Source:
Although currently continue to maintain a stable relationship with Fanny Neguesha, remember that Mario Balotelli has been with other women as ardent, as is the case with the tremendous Raffaella Fico, of which little more than a month ago that some images were published Blazing calendar has surrendered being prepared .
Well, he finally published the definitive photographs of photographic work that will form your yearbook, which will be borne by the magazine For Men. This time, the lush Raffaella Fico shows off her amazing hot body without shame, as performing a topless absolutely removes any hiccups.
Undoubtedly, it seems more than obvious that the tremendous mother of the daughter of Mario Balotelli (which, incidentally, is still not recognized) has managed to recover its great figure in record time. That is why, not alargarnos more, and we leave with some pictures of the photo shoot that you can see over the next twelve months. You enjoy the stunning Raffaella Fico.
But if you do not have photographs quench finish, here I also leave a making of the session, so you can more accurately assess their amazing curves ...
Kayla Collins dazzles with a huge topless. Source:
That said, we probably now you feel like checking out the topless tremendous made by the lush Kayla Collins, the former girlfriend of Ashley Cole. Here you have a little preview ... 

Wanda continues to provoke: "Mauro, you came to save us"

Wanda Nara
The blonde feels entitled to rebuild their lives after separation of Maxi Lopez. Beyond criticism for its close ties with Mauro Icardi, devotes loving messages on the social network.
"@ MauroIcardi When you least imagine, the things you always dreamed ... come," Wanda who wrote immediately got his answer. "We have to forget the pain and remember that time passes and enjoy every second of joy minimum, today changed my life," wrote the footballer.
Since the news of the separation is met and after his arrival in Buenos Aires, all eyes were on the Wanda round publicly maintained with former friend Maxi. And though at first denied it, now do not hide the love that unites them.
Rumors say that the new year will find attached somewhere in the world. Maxi What will all this?

The Phenomenon of Love 'marries for a fourth time

Last Friday night was very special to Ronaldo. And the former player asked to marry his current girlfriend, Paula Morais DJ with carrying out since last year.
The party was attended by some friends in the apartment of the phenomenon, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. A day later, Ronaldo hung on Instagram a photo of alliances and the moment he got the 'yes' of his beloved. "I love you @ Paula Morais," he wrote, accompanying images.
anilllo-ronaldo-2-OkIt will be the fourth marriage after marrying Ronaldo Milene Domingues, Daniella Cicarelli and Bia Anthony. But their lives have been many other women and all very beautiful. It's time to remember and you know why Ronaldo is also known as the 'phenomenon' of love.
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Viviane Bruneri França and Nadia (the Ronaldinhas).
Were his first conquests in Brazil, when he began to make a name in the world of football. They became friends and formed a potent duo called 'the ronaldinhas' posing nude for Playboy. They even did a European tour that took them to Barcelona where SPORT made them a story dressed Barça.

Rosie, the Queen of England

 The English are very clear with Rosie Jones. It is one of his favorite models. Not to say the most. Play in the same league that Helen Flanagan, the former striker Scott Sinclair, and for some years no men's magazine that claims that no contract is for a perched readers will have already admired this authentic British goddess who recently turned 23. We celebrated with a compendium of his best topless images can remember clicking here and certainly show its merits to be one of the twelve English beauties chosen for the hottest calendar 2014 in the UK.
Rosie Jones, in addition to his role model, is known for its authentic passion for football and especially for the England team. Whether you like football until Konami hired as a result of the English claim championship video game PES 2009.
A few months later appeared in a video clip (You can dance) Brian Ferry that catapulted her to fame and sought since age 18, when he started at the agency Samantha Bond and appeared on page three of The Sun.
Back then, Rosie parked studying psychology and communication was devoted to modeling. Today is truly a prophet in his land and perched are the most sought. We leave you with the last that has gone into your calendar and tip, with other spectacular images of Rosie, the Queen of England ...

Van der Vaart and Sabia lost son waiting

Yes wise-Rafa-
Rafael Van der Vaart and his girlfriend knew Boulahrouz live moments of great sadness. On Thursday the couple lost girl waiting to spring. Sabia, who was five months, underwent an abortion by a tear in the amniotic sac.
The German press, which had announced just days before the couple postponed their wedding plans, broke the news of this blow to the player and his family. Indeed, both announced in late October that their nuptial postponed until further notice, so that the stress did not affect pregnant.
But it was no use. Sabia, 35, suffered another abortion after already losing a son with her first husband in June 2008. Van der Vaart did not play last Saturday against Augsburg to be with her.
It should also be noted that the ex-wife of Van der Vaart and Sabia exmejor friend has sent the press a message of encouragement to the couple. "A lot of force," said Sylvie Meis, who recently got a divorce from the former player of Real Madrid, which has brought him five million euros.

The spy Irina Shayk grandmother in a coma

irina-grandmother-10-okIrina Shayk traveled to Russia urgently few days ago to be near his grandmother, Galina, 89, who is in a coma.
"We all pray for her," wrote the Facebook model. The top is very close to her grandmother, who visits frequently, and on which he explained in an interview to the magazine 'DT', that Stalin was a spy in Nazi Germany during World War II.
Irina, who showed a picture on Facebook in which Galina Shayklislamova appears with all the medals awarded Stalin said, "My grandmother is an amazing woman. When World War II began barely twenty. He was a hero and that's why it got so many medals. "
The model annulled their professional commitments during dates pending the development of delicate health of his grandmother, but because finally address some unavoidable commitments.